YouTube’s ‘like’ button isn’t broken, it’s just hiding

If you’ve tried smashing YouTube’s “like” button today, you might’ve noticed that the thumbs-up icon just… disappears. As spotted earlier by 9to5Google, the like counter still goes up when you press it, but what’s left is just an empty gray space where the thumbs-up icon should be.

It seems like this is a widespread issue. Several users, including myself and my colleagues, have spotted the vanishing like button across several YouTube videos and in different web browsers. Despite this, the dislike button still works fine.

In a support page published Tuesday afternoon, YouTube says the like button “isn’t working as intended” and that it’s looking into the issue. It also confirms that the thumbs-up icon is only disappearing for videos on the web — not mobile. “Rest assured, whether or not the icon is showing, the video is still receiving the like!”

It doesn’t look like this is the first time YouTube’s like button has disappeared. Some users on Reddit reported a similar issue months ago.

Update June 4th, 4:33PM ET: Added a YouTube support page.

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