XRP is under pressure, whales exploring Celestia and NuggetRush

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  • Ripple’s victory against the U.S. SEC will boost XRP
  • Whales exploring Celestia and NuggetRush
  • NUGX may rally after launch

XRP has been underperforming despite the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF. Meanwhile, whales are interested in Celestia (TIA) and NuggetRush (NUGX).

Exploring NuggetRush 

NuggetRush is a new meme coin whose presale is in progress. At the current presale stage, NUGX is available for $0.018. 

The platform combines memetic elements like a community-centric approach and intense volatility with real-world applications. 

Its play-to-earn (P2E) and impact game allows players to collect valuable in-game assets, which can be traded for real cash or gold on the marketplace. 

Moreover, a portion of the game’s in-game purchases and rewards will go towards charitable causes, such as supporting underprivileged artisanal miners. 

Ripple-SEC lawsuit impacts XRP

XRP has faced challenges due to an ongoing lawsuit with the United States SEC. 

The lawsuit’s outcome is uncertain and could affect XRP’s prices. 

Despite these challenges, some experts believe Ripple can win the lawsuit, thereby lifting XRP. 

Celestia’s potential

Celestia is growing in prominence due to TIA’s performance in Q4 2023. 

This upswing attracted retail and institutional investors. 

Celestia’s fundamentals will likely continue supporting TIA from now on.


XRP may surge if Ripple wins against the SEC. Investors are closely monitoring Celestia and NuggetRush. The NUGX presale is ongoing. 

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