XRP and Sui likely to trail DeeStream by 2025

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XRP is renowned for its XRP Ledger (XRPL), which offers various utilities. Its smart contract platform also supports Sui (SUI). Web3 technology is transforming traditional industries; DeeStream (DST) is a remarkable instance of this trend. The project aims to reshape the online streaming economy.

What is DeeStream?

DeeStream is a new decentralized streaming platform that provides an alternative to popular platforms like Kick, Twitch, and YouTube. 

It aims to give more power to token holders through governance.

According to industry reports, the content economy is expected to grow to a $247 billion valuation by 2027, but the industry faces several challenges. 

DeeStream aims to address these issues by utilizing blockchain technology and decentralization.

Streamers can easily sign up on the platform, set up their accounts, and share channel links for viewers. 

They can earn money through gifted subs, Dee gifts, and packages. 

Moreover, all the rewards are paid out instantly upon request by the streamer. Users can also have a decentralized experience, lower fees, and even earn rewards for completing specific tasks.

DeeStream believes in not banning individuals from expressing their opinions as long as their expressions are within the legal boundaries.

 Experts’ preview

In the past 30 days, XRP has decreased by more than 11%. Its lowest point was recorded four days ago at $0.4929. Even though it has risen by 4% since then, the downward trend appears to continue.

Conversely, Sui has seen a significant drop, with a decrease of 66.63% over the past year. However, it has recently experienced an upward trend, with a gain of over 5% in the past day. But it’s important to be cautious as Sui competes with players like Ethereum, and its potential sustainability remains uncertain.

For those looking to diversify their investment portfolio and explore blockchain projects that have the potential to reshape traditional industries, DeeStream might be worth considering.

The project has recently started the first stage of its presale, offering tokens for $0.035. 

Holding DST offers the potential for future gains and allows investors to participate in decision-making processes and submit proposals for platform improvements.

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