Worldcoin and Render surge, Rebel Satoshi launches $RECQ presale

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Worldcoin and Render see significant gains amid the crypto market’s rally, while Rebel Satoshi’s $RECQ presale promises substantial returns.

Worldcoin poised to soar as surpasses 4 million milestone

The Worldcoin (WLD) token has been one of the best-performing tokens in the current market rally. As a result, Worldcoin rose to $9.22 on February 25 before dropping again.

The Worldcoin price dipped by 33.8% to $6.10 on March 6. Since then, the Worldcoin (WLD) token has reentered the bullish territory and risen to an all-time high. 

By March 10, the Worldcoin token rose to an all-time high of $11.69, a 91.6% surge. Amid the surge in price, the Worldcoin Protocol’s Semaphore Merkle Tree Batcher was formally verified on March 1. Moreover, Worldcoin surpassed 4 million unique individuals on-chain on March 6. 

As a result, experts are bullish on the Worldcoin token going forward. They predict the Worldcoin (WLD) price will rise above $13 and beyond in 2024. 

Render rises to a new all-time high after a minor correction

The Render (RNDR) token has been the top performer in the market in the current bull run. However, the Render token witnessed a correction after an initial surge to $8.22 on February 29. As a result, the Render (RNDR) token dropped to $6.10 on March 4 with a dip of 25.7%.  

Since then, the Render token has reversed the correction and risen to a new all-time high. On March 11, it rose 107% to $12.65. Amid the surge in RNDR price, the Render protocol added $2 billion to its market cap within a week. 

Moreover, experts are bullish on Render with AI and virtual reality being touted as the next big thing. They predict the Render token will rise above $15 in 2024.

Rebel Satoshi promises substantial gains with $RECQ presale

Rebel Satoshi is an innovative memecoin project built on the Ethereum network. Rebel Satoshi is inspired by the ideals of Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto and aims to bring in a revolution.

Rebel Satoshi will challenge the growing market centralization and rise against the elites through its Recusant community members. 

The project is a dual-token ecosystem with $RBLZ, which is the governance and membership token. The Rebel Satoshi Arcade ($RECQ) token is the everyday utility token for the platform. The $RECQ token can earn rewards, conduct transactions, and pay gas fees on the Rebel Satoshi platform.

The total supply of the $RECQ token is fixed at 3 billion, and it is built on the Ethereum network. The $RECQ presale is currently underway in the Early Bird Round at $0.0020 per token.

The $RECQ token will rise by 85% to $0.0037 by the next round. The total presale surge in the $RECQ token will be 400% to $0.0100 by the end.

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