While Democrats are still making abortion a major issue in their campaigns, most Democrats won’t answer if they support restrictions

Just weeks remain before the midterm elections in 2022, and most Democrats are still refusing to clarify their positions on abortion or support limitations. Despite many campaigning around the issue as a centerpiece of their campaigns, however.

This silence by Democrats comes days after Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, refused to discuss President Joe Biden’s exact stance on abortion at a Friday press briefing. Jean-Pierre was asked whether Biden supported any restrictions on abortion. Jean-Pierre evaded the question by saying, “I’m going to not get into details here.”

Two dozen Democrats ran in the midterm elections this year to see if they supported any restrictions on abortion. Only Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) and Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) responded to previous statements.

Cortez Masto’s spokesperson pointed to an interview in which the Democratic Senator was asked whether she supported any restrictions on abortion. She answered that she supported Nevada law, where abortion can be done up until the 24th of the pregnancy.

Mallory Carroll is vice president of communications at SBA Pro-Life America. She stated that Democrats “withhold the true extremism in their abortion agenda” and called Senate Democrats, who supported the Women’s Health Protection Act (which opponents claim would allow abortion without limits), “extremely out of step with most Americans.”

Austin Cook, Rep. Slotkin’s spokesperson, stated that she supports abortion until the point where fetal viability is reached.

Cook stated that Slotkin, a congresswoman, supports Roe v. Wade’s 50-year-old precedent, which gives women privacy in making their own health decisions, including whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. “If a woman is in danger beyond that, she and her doctor should decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.”

“Michiganders will be able to vote on the Roe Standard this November. Congresswoman Slotkin supports the ballot initiative. Cook said that voters will have to choose between the Roe standard which we’ve lived with for 50+ years and Michigan’s 1931 law which criminalizes women as well as doctors and bans abortions in cases of violent rape/incest.

According to an analysis by the Associated Press of election ads, Democrats spent $124 Million on advertisements that mentioned “abortion.” This is nearly 20 times more than what the party spent on the topic during the 2018 cycle.

Polling over the weekend revealed that abortion is not the number one priority of many voters in the United States, despite the huge investment in messaging about abortion. A CBS News/YouGov poll found that abortion was ranked seventh in the list of issues that voters considered “very important.” This compares to 82% who rated the economy as “very important” as they cast their ballots.

While Democrats place abortion at the forefront of their campaigns and blast their pro-life opponents because of their “extreme views on abortion,” a May poll revealed that 54% of Americans support banning abortion in their states after 15 weeks. Only 41% disagree.

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