Trust Wallet issues warning about scam clones on Xiaomi, Amazon stores

Trust Wallet has issued a warning about scam apps listed on Xiaomi and Amazon stores, urging users to download the application only from verified sources.

Binance-backed cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has alerted its users about potential scam versions of its application on both Xiaomi and Amazon stores. In an X post on Jun. 7, the company said it had already submitted requests to have the fraudulent apps taken down.

The company emphasized the importance of downloading the app from legitimate sources, directing users to the official links for iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play Store), and the Trust Wallet Extension (Google Chrome Store).

“Please exercise due diligence when downloading the Trust Wallet app — be sure that the app is the official one.”

Trust Wallet

In late April, Google temporarily removed Trust Wallet from its marketplace. A spokesperson for the crypto wallet explained that the removal was due to Google’s policies, adding that an appeal had been submitted weeks before Google removed the app.

Rumors circulated that the removal was linked to an FBI circular warning against using non-KYC platforms and solutions. However, the FBI notice was not cited as a specific reason for Google’s decision to remove the wallet, according to the information provided by the spokesperson.

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