Top cryptocurrencies to watch this week: SOL, BOME, SUI

Last week, top cryptocurrencies Solana (SOL), Book of Meme (BOME), and Sui (SUI) saw notable price shifts as the volatile cryptocurrency market reached a peak of $1.71 trillion before dropping to $1.54 trillion.

SOL, BOME and SUI prices – March 17 | Source: Santiment

Solana up 32%  

Solana recorded an impressive price surge last Monday, rallying 20.78% from March 11 to 14 amid four consecutive days of gains.

It surged to a high of $178 on March 14 before facing a mild retracement. This retracement spilled into the next day, with the asset dropping to $164.

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency initiated a full-blown recovery to end March 15 above the $183 price territory, securing a spot among the top gainers.

Solana continued to attain greater heights amid sustained bullish momentum but witnessed a drop on March 16, finishing the day with a mild 1.03% loss.

The asset recovered the losses of March 16 the following day despite the persistent market drawdown which saw Bitcoin collapse below $65,000.

Solana is up 32% heading into this week, changing hands at $192 at the reporting time, as it looks to recover the much-coveted $200 psychological threshold.

BOME surges 29,900%

The recently launched Solana-based meme coin Book of Meme rode on a surge of interest to record the largest weekly rally the market has witnessed in a long while.

Data from CoinGecko indicates that BOME changed hands at $0.00005880 on March 14, the day it began trading.

The meme coin quickly garnered attention from market participants, leveraging the positive sentiments surrounding the Solana meme coin market. Amid the market interest, BOME capitalized on a surge in demand to skyrocket 9,814% to a high of $0.00583 on March 15 before witnessing a retracement.

As reported by, data suggests that the meme coin’s successful pre-sale contributed to its meteoric surge. Its social presence saw a spike when Binance announced on March 16 that it plans to list the asset.

Bybit also disclosed similar plans.

BOME rallied to a high of $0.02703 on March 16, as investors pushed to ride on the uptrend. This price marked a massive 39,000 surge from its earliest trading price of $0.000005880, leading to an increase in its market cap.

This surge resulted in BOME securing a spot among the top 100 assets.

Despite a collapse from the $0.02703 shortly after the Binance listing, BOME still holds up well above the $0.017 price territory. The crypto asset is up 29,900% from the $0.00005880 price recorded on March 14, with a current market cap of $978 million.

SUI holds above $1.50

Sui did not perform as well as Solana and BOME this week, but it held up quite well against the shenanigans of the bears.

The asset began the week strong, rallying 9% from $1.5552 on March 11 to a high of $1.6970 on March 13, as the broader market recorded an upsurge.

However, Sui saw two days of intense bearish action, collapsing 8% on March 14 and 15. Sui eventually dropped below the pivotal $1.50 price territory, slumping to a 10-day low of $1.3396 on March 15. 

Nonetheless, a recovery campaign stationed by the bears helped the cryptocurrency reclaim the $1.50 price territory, allowing it to soar to a new weekly high of $1.7200. This recovery push was short-lived, as Sui faced another price drop triggered by the bears.

Despite the latest bearish action, the crypto asset has held above the $1.50 territory, as a drop below this level could lead to steeper price declines.

Sui is down 1.71% for the week.

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