The Vision Pro will get Apple Intelligence and “Go Deeper” in-store demos

For all its impressive technical chops, Apple’s all-singing, all-dancing Vision Pro hasn’t set the world on fire. But it’s early yet, and the company continues to throw some weight behind the headset, and reportedly has plans to add AI features to visionOS and is readying an updated approach to in-store demos.

The company is adding a new “Go Deeper” option to its in-store demos, Gurman writes. That reportedly includes testing office features and watching videos, as well as defaulting to the Dual Loop band that sends straps over the top and around the back of wearers’ heads instead of the single-strap Solo Loop band, which some find uncomfortable.

Apple will also reportedly let people view their own videos and photos, including panoramas, in the headset. Adding the sentimental touch to the demos could work out, especially once visionOS 2 comes out this fall, with its “spatialize” option to turn 2D photos into 3D ones — a feature that’s more impressive than it has the right to be (though still a little quirky with hair and glasses, like Apple’s Portrait Mode feature).

But I can imagine it going the other way if people end up looking at the wrong images. You know how looking at your iPhone photos on your computer monitor suddenly exposes all their flaws? Try looking at them when they’re the size of a wall.

But it really feels like all of this is just triage until the company releases a cheaper headset, which its expected to do at the end of next year. It’s not clear what that will look like, though, given conflicting rumors at the moment — like that it’s going with lower-res displays for a follow-up or that it actually aims to keep the high-res displays but has stopped working on the Vision Pro 2 (or not).

The common thread running through all of those stories, though, is that Apple is finding it very hard to make the headset it wants to make without it costing a hojillion dollars. It’s too early to declare the Vision Pro a dead end, but I can’t shake the feeling that without that cheaper headset, Apple doesn’t have a path forward unless it’s okay with letting the Vision Pro serve a niche market while it chases that lightweight AR glasses dream.

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