The Pixel 9’s ‘Google AI’ is like Microsoft Recall but a little less creepy

The next generation of Pixel phones could come with new “Google AI” features, including one that sounds a little like Microsoft’s controversial Recall tool. As reported by Android Authority, Google is working on a “Pixel Screenshots” feature that can “save and process helpful details” from your screenshots, allowing you to search through them.

However, unlike Microsoft Recall, which automatically captures what you’re doing on your device, Google’s version would only process the screenshots taken manually — which should immediately make it less creepy-feeling than Recall. Microsoft delayed the rollout of Recall on Windows 11 after security experts raised concerns about the feature. Even though Google AI may only use the screenshots you take, it could raise similar concerns based on how the information is processed and stored.

Images obtained by Android Authority indicate that you can enable or disable AI processing for your screenshots at any time. When toggled on, it looks like you can use the feature to summarize your screenshots or answer questions about the information in them. Google will also save metadata, such as links, app names, and when the screenshot was taken to make it easier to search for specific images, according to Android Authority.

Google is planning to roll out a similar feature in Google Photos that uses AI to help you search through your photos. These aren’t the only AI features Google is working on, either. In addition to Pixel Screenshots, Android Authority reports that a new photo editing feature called “Add Me” will live under the Google AI umbrella. This feature could let you add someone to a group photo, which goes a step further than tweaking everyone’s faces with Best Take. Google will also reportedly add a previously rumored Studio tool that could use AI to generate stickers and other images.

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