The full hunter’s moon: What should you know

This weekend, the hunter’s full Moon will rise.

NASA announced that the full moon will be opposite the sun in Earth’s longitude at 4:55 pm. ET on Sunday, October 9.

From Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, the moon will be full for three days.

The term hunter’s Moon, also known as the travel, dying grass, or sanguine, was first defined in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1710.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s time to hunt, with the leaves starting to fall and the deer getting fatter at this time of the year.

NASA claims that some sources suggest that the dying grass, blood moon, and sanguine names refer to the turning of the leaves, and the death of plants. Others indicate that the names sanguine, blood moon, and sanguine are associated with hunting in preparation for winter.

The name travel moon could refer to the time when northern tribes move down from the mountains in winter.

This full moon occurs near or during many celebrations around the globe, including Sukkoth in the Hebrew calendar, the Boat Racing Festival of Laos, and the three-day Thadingyut Festival of Lights of Myanmar.

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