Sui investors diversifying into Ethereum Classic and Pushd

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Three blockchain projects have recently gained attention from investors. Sui (SUI) allows anyone to own digital assets quickly, privately, and safely. It also offers a platform for decentralized applications with low costs and high speeds. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a smart contract network that hosts decentralized applications and was created to maintain Ethereum’s reputation after a hack. Pushd (PUSHD) plans to improve the online shopping experience.

Some Sui holders are now looking to buy Ethereum Classic and Pushd. 

Exploring Sui 

Sui is down by over 65% since launching. 

As a result, some investors appear to be diversifying into Ethereum Classic and Pushd.

Ethereum Classic rising

Ethereum Classic’s trading volume is up 99.7% in the past few days. 

This uptick is positive and could be the building block for more gains in the future.

Pushd’s mission

Pushd is an upcoming decentralized online marketplace that combines the convenience of online shopping with the benefits of blockchain technology. 

It offers users privacy, low transaction costs, and fast transaction speeds. 

Holders of PUSHD will be entitled to a percentage of the translation fees earned by Pushd. They will receive rewards upon reaching certain milestones. 

In stage four of its presale, PUSHD is available for $0.08. 

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