Starknet to scale Bitcoin without forking or making new token, StarkWare says

StarkWare says its plan to expand its scaling technology to the Bitcoin network won’t result in forking Starknet or making a new token.

StarkWare, the developer behind Starknet, clarified that its primary focus remains on scaling Ethereum through the use of validity rollups and ZK proofs even despite its efforts to bring scalability solutions to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In an X post on Jun. 7, the blockchain developer valued at $8 billion highlighted its commitment to enhancing the efficiency of Ethereum scaling in 2024, saying the firm “will strive to scale Ethereum in the most efficient way possible.”

“Our goal, consistent since the initiation of Starknet, is to develop STARK proofs to enhance the scalability and integrity of blockchains that we believe in.”


As a result, Starknet aims to serve both the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities without creating a new layer or exclusive token for Bitcoin. Instead, Starknet will act as an execution layer that simultaneously scales both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“StarkWare won’t fork Starknet to create a new layer on Bitcoin or establish an exclusive token for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Instead, Starknet will (try to) act as an execution layer that scales both Bitcoin and Ethereum simultaneously. Its security, governance, and ecosystem will all be driven by the STRK token.”


StarkWare’s initiative to bring ZK scaling to Bitcoin comes as part of a broader strategy to address the scalability challenges faced by major blockchains. With the new expansion, the Starknet developer aims to leverage its technology from the Ethereum network to make a “single layer that settles on both Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

The firm anticipates completing the development of the solution within six months following the potential Bitcoin upgrade known as OP_CAT, which seeks to integrate smart contracts into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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