Staff vote to strike at pipework specialist

The workforce is represented by the GMB union

GMB members will walk out for two weeks, from Tuesday 28th May up to and including Friday 7th June 2024.

Crane Building Services & Utilities designs and manufactures flow control systems for the utility sector and for heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors. It is a US firm with a factory in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

One employee revealed that their wages had risen by only £1.10 per hour in a decade. The workforce has been offered a 5% pay rise but is holding out for more.

GMB’s members who work there have been balloted over the last two weeks and 97% of those that voted supported strike action. The turnout was 84%.

GMB London regional organiser Andre Marques said:  “The result is a huge indication of the strength of feeling among our members at Crane. We have been through a long process of negotiations with the company including ACAS talks but so far they have refused to budge on their current 5% offer.

Senior organiser John Colquhoun added: “GMB call on Crane to respect their workforce and pay them what they’re worth, there is still time for a deal to prevent strike action that will sorely impact production.”

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