Spotify is going to let you leave comments on podcast episodes

Spotify is launching the ability to leave comments on podcasts. The company already lets Spotify podcasters offer polls and Q&As, so this new feature could give creators new ways to interact with their audiences.

Comments will be private by default (similar to Q&A responses), so creators will have to approve each comment they want to appear. Creators can choose to have comments available for their whole show or just for specific episodes, and, if they don’t want to allow comments at all, they can opt out of the feature.

Creators can manage comments on the Spotify for Podcasters web app starting Tuesday and as part of a revamped Spotify for Podcasters mobile app that is being introduced in a phased rollout over the next few days, according to Maya Prohovnik, Spotify’s VP of podcast product. Comments for podcast listeners will also become available as part of a phased rollout beginning Tuesday in most Spotify markets, Prohovnik says.

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