Report: Texas A&M reached out to Dan Campbell, but he plans to stay with the Lions

Yes, Texas A&M should have tried to bring alumnus Dan Campbell home. And they reportedly did.

Via Dennis Dodds of CBS Sports, the school initiated “backchannel communications” regarding the possibility of hiring the head coach of the Lions. Per the report, it was “made clear” that Campbell would be staying with the Lions.

Hopefully for Campbell, it was also “made clear” that the Lions will bump his pay to something far closer to what A&M would have offered. To those who blindly scoffed at the suggestion of Campbell possibly returning to his alma mater, the money for coaches in college football is currently cuckoo of Cocoa Puffs.

They’re paying Jimbo Fisher nearly $80 million to not coach the team. How much would they pay someone to take the job?

As discussed on Wednesday’s PFT Live, NFL coaches don’t get paid nearly enough. A great coach is worth as much as a great player. But the pay for players has increased over the years at a much greater rate than the pay for coaches.

Players get more because their union has tied salary to a defined percentage of revenue. For coaches, there’s no salary cap — and there’s no salary floor. Some believe the league has systematically colluded against coaches, holding their pay in check and keeping the best of the best from getting what they deserve.

Campbell deserves more that whatever he’s getting. The Lions haven’t had that problem, in a long time. They need to rectify it, before Texas A&M swings back around with an offer so big that Campbell will choose to teach kneecap-biting techniques at the college level.

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