Rebrand for O’Donovan and GBN

A Sortera truck in London

The launch of Sortera represents the formal merger and rebranding of GBN Services and O’Donovan Waste Management following the acquisition of the two London-based companies by Sortera over the last couple of years.

Sortera is a Swedish company that was itself acquired by private equity firm Nordic Capital in 2021.

Sortera in London has now assumed responsibility for six waste management sites – Rochford, Harlow, Edmonton, Uxbridge, Tottenham and Wembley – previously owned and operated by GBN and O’Donovan, as well as close to 400 members of staff.

Mark McCleery, recruited to run the UK business as managing director last autumn, said: “We are thrilled to introduce Sortera’s innovative approach to waste management to the UK market. By integrating the expertise of GBN Services and O’Donovan Waste Management and implementing the values that has made Sortera so successful in the Nordics, we’re excited to bring the kind of innovative digital solutions, international sustainability insights and operational excellence that address the evolving needs of the construction, recycling, and waste management industries.

“There has been a huge team effort over the last few months to get us to this moment and we can’t wait to hit the ground running now that we are officially Sortera.”

The company has plans to expand its offering in the UK to incorporate other services, including water processing, encompassing testing, analysis and treatment with specialised equipment.

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