Puffer Finance to unveil its based rollup solution Puffer UniFi

Puffer Finance, a liquid restaking protocol on EigenLayer, has announced the launch of its based rollup solution Puffer UniFi.

The new rollup solution aims to address challenges such as liquidity fragmentation on the Ethereum blockchain. Puffer’s solution tackles this issue through a unified liquidity layer. It also enables synchronous composability across blockchain applications.

When it goes live Puffer UniFi will provide the technology that enhances features such as transaction efficiency and economic sustainability.

Puffer UniFi to integrate Ethereum’s security

The Puffer Finance team said in a news release on Monday that the based rollup will integrate Ethereum’s Layer-1 network. 

UniFi will allow projects to deploy dApps on their own app-chains, providing greater autonomy and benefiting from Ethereum’s decentralized architecture and security.

By leveraging Ethereum for security and better user experience, Puffer UniFi is also set to bolster cryptocurrency’s adoption trajectory.

Notably, rollups are a scaling solution that helps L1 blockchains surmount challenges such as network congestion by taking transactions offchain. These are then bundled into one transaction that’s finalized to the based layer.

UniFi leverages Layer-1 sequencing and integrates pre-confirmations from Puffer Finance’s restaked validators. The design allows UniFi to scale from a centralized sequencer to a decentralized network, the project said in a recent post. It’s thus able to maintain “fast, cheap, and reliable transactions.”

“At Puffer, we’re addressing Ethereum’s fragmentation by fundamentally changing how transactions are sequenced for the better of Ethereum,” said Amir, a core contributor to Puffer. “UniFi isn’t just another rollup; it’s the catalyst for a unified Ethereum ecosystem, one that delivers the UX to onboard the next billion users.”

Puffer Finance announced an $18 million Series A round in April this year, the funding coming ahead of its mainnet launch.

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