Official: The MSI Claw 8 AI Plus has an Asus-matching 80Wh battery and Intel Lunar Lake

Just three months after releasing its first gaming handheld PC to damning reviews — here’s mine — MSI is already announcing a likely replacement. The “MSI Claw 8 AI Plus” swaps its lackluster Intel Meteor Lake chip for the brand-new Lunar Lake ones, while replacing its 7-inch, 1080p 120Hz variable resolution rate screen for a larger 8-inch one.

Perhaps even more importantly, it will boast up to an 80 watt-hour battery, MSI tells The Verge — tying it with the recently announced Asus ROG Ally X for biggest battery in a PC gaming handheld. Despite the larger screen, it’ll still offer a smooth 120Hz refresh rate with VRR, writes MSI marketing specialist Anne Lee.

The Claw will also offer a second USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4 capabilities, just like the Asus, will come with a wall-mounted charger instead of the two-cord brick of the original, and will have enhanced “tactile feel of the LB/RB buttons.”

MSI didn’t provide any other details or a single image of the new handheld, only telling us that the company would release more info at Computex — the PC show that’s currently underway in Taipei, Taiwan. But we know as of today that Intel’s Lunar Lake has up to 50 percent more GPU performance than Meteor Lake and its Xe2 GPU needs less power for the same performance — though Intel doesn’t label its chart axes, so we have no clue how much.

“Meteor Lake H” is the chip that was in the original MSI Claw.
Image: Intel

MSI did announce another version of the Claw today: a limited-edition Fallout version that looks a tad like the game’s Pip-Boy wrist computers, but is unfortunately based on the original 7-inch MSI Claw with Meteor Lake, not Lunar Lake. So unless there’s a lot of utterly diehard Fallout + Claw fans, I expect that one will be similarly dead on arrival. Still, MSI’s press release says it will have “the largest battery in the industry,” so maybe it’ll have a surprise or two inside?

In case you’re wondering, yes, I have been retesting the original MSI Claw with the newest BIOS and sets of drivers, and I’m not yet finding enough of a performance boost to change my recommendation at all.

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