Nissan announces plans to make 16 new electrified vehicles by 2026

Nissan has laid out a new plan to electrify 16 of the 30 vehicles it produces by 2026, with the rest using internal combustion instead. For those of us in North America, the company says it plans to release seven new vehicles in the US and Canada, although it’s not clear how many of those will be some type of EV.

Nissan says the US is getting “e-POWER and plug-in hybrid models” — each of those uses a mix of electricity and fuel for power. At the moment, the only all-electric EVs Nissan is producing are the Ariya SUV and the perhaps endangered (or maybe not) Leaf.

In 2021, Nissan said it would make 23 electrified vehicles by 2030, and that 15 of those would be fully electric, rather than some form of hybrid vehicle. It’s hard to say if any of this is a step forward from that plan, because yes, 16 is bigger than 15, but Nissan doesn’t explicitly say how many of those 16 are all-battery, or indeed if any of them are. We’ve asked Nissan, but it did not immediately respond.

The company did, however, say it’s expecting 60 percent of its vehicles to be “electrified” by 2030, up from its 50 percent promise by that same deadline. It also upped the total number of electrified vehicles to 34 by the same year.

The company seems to be walking back its “all-solid-state” battery plans for 2028. Now, it says it will produce vehicles with “enhanced NCM li-ion, LFP and all-solid-state batteries,” by that deadline. You can read the full announcement here, where Nissan also goes over its future investment strategies, plans for regions like Europe and Japan, and manufacturing expansion.

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