New film breakdown exposes interesting habits about Tyson Bagent's game

New film breakdown exposes interesting habits about Tyson Bagent’s game originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Tyson Bagent picked up his second career win on Thursday night against the Panthers to help the Bears to a 3-7 record this season.

He finished with 162 yards on 20-of-33 passing from under center. He rushed for an additional 12 yards. But most importantly, he avoided costly errors that brought the Bears to their knees against the Saints last Sunday.

J.T. O’Sullivan, former NFL quarterback and creator of “The QB School” YouTube channel, broke down Bagent’s tape from the game.

O’Sullivan critiques several things about Bagent’s game. Most notably, his lack of pocket patience in this one, plus his “jump around” footwork. Bagent has a strong habit of popping way too high at the end of his pitch.

He also gives his take on the missed Tyler Scott throw that saw the rookie wide receiver screaming down the middle of the field with his hand up; Bagnet didn’t pull the trigger. There are several plays, in O’Sullivan’s mind, where Bagent decides where he wants to go presnap instead of figuring it out in-game.

Side note: if you’re looking for some optimism with Cole Kmet, he delivered some elite chip blocks in this game, dutifully underscored by O’Sullivan.

Nevertheless, here’s the synopsis from O’Sullivan’s video. Bagent has a lot of positives about his game. But he is nowhere near becoming a starting quarterback. Remember, he was a Division II, undrafted guy. That doesn’t mean his story isn’t impressive. But it does mean when Justin Fields is ready to return, he’ll return.

Take a look at the video for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

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