New Base memecoin DAWGZ launches presale and raises $200k

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Base Dawgz launched its presale on the Base network, raising over $200k in hours and introducing unique features to boost growth and community engagement.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ), a new memecoin on the Base network, has just launched a presale and raised over $200K in its opening hours. Tapping into the accelerating success of the Base network, Base Dawgz falls under the dog-themed crypto sub-niche, which houses seven of the top ten memecoins.

Base Dawgz also introduces novel systems and utilities to stimulate community and price growth. The most talked-about is its share-to-earn mechanism that rewards users for spreading the project’s word.

While its primary residence is the Base chain, Base Dawgz also leverages cross-chain technology to launch on Solana, Ethereum, BSC, and Avalanche. The project will be able to “base jump” between networks, broadening its market appeal.

Currently, the DAWGZ presale is in stage 1 at the lowest-ever price of $0.00479. However, this will rise throughout the campaign and according to the website, the next uptick will come in six days. The stage 2 presale price remains to be seen, but this will incentivize traders to act early and secure the most value.

Prospective investors can buy the Base Dawgz presale with ETH, SOL, BNB, AVAX, and USDT.

Base memecoins are worth $2b and growing

The Base blockchain has seen no shortage of adoption recently, and now Base Dawgz has entered the race at full steam, raising $200K in its opening hours of presale. Brett, the network’s premier meme coin, is experiencing relentless price growth, recently establishing a new all-time high (ATH).

Currently trading at $0.1147, it is up a whopping 180% this month. Meanwhile, others like Toshi and Keyboard Cat are also on the up, trading at respective 109% and 88% premiums this week.

According to CoinGecko data, the Base meme coin market recently crossed the $2 billion cumulative market cap level and is now valued at $2.1 billion. And adding to the excitement, CoinDesk recently published a report suggesting that Base’s momentum will continue.

That’s because Coinbase boasts 110 million users, and its team is working on streamlining the onboarding process to Base. All of this is great for Base Dawgz, which will soon launch on the open market and benefit from the expediting demand for Base meme coins.  

Base Dawgz introduces new features 

While Base Dogz finds itself in an advantageous position on crypto’s hottest emerging blockchain, the project’s bid for success does not end there. CoinGecko currently tracks the prices of 63 Base meme coins, and there are many others that the analytics site has yet to pick up.

So, with a hefty amount of tokens already available, what does Base Dawgz do to stand out? The most exciting initiative is its share-to-earn system, which rewards users for referring others to the presale. 

Interested users can visit the Base Dawgz presale site, select refer and earn, and connect their wallet to generate a referral code. The referrer receives 5% of the presale investment’s value for each successful referral. Rewards will be paid in DAWGZ when the presale ends.

Staking rewards will also be at play. The feature has yet to launch but is expected to incentivize long-term holding and bolster the token’s supply and demand dynamics once it goes live.

In addition, Base Dawgz’s multichain approach is another clear-cut distinction from its peers. Alongside benefitting from the rapidly growing Base chain liquidity, DAWGZ can draw investment from Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and BSC.

This widens Base Dawgz’s community and price growth potential while protecting it from users migrating between blockchains, making it more resilient and robust.

Could Base Dawgz be the next big memecoin?

All in all, Base Dawgz’s efforts are carving a one-of-one space in the Base ecosystem, and given Base’s relentless expansion, this provides a huge runway for the new memecoin.

The last time we saw such a pioneering approach in the Base memecoin domain was Brett, and those who bought in on its opening day are now up over 100x.

New Base memecoin DAWGZ launches presale and raises $200k - 2

However, Base Dawgz differentiates itself through its grassroots initiatives and widespread availability. As such, there is every chance that this could be the next big Base memecoin. But with price increases hard-wired into the presale, those seeking the most upside potential must act quickly.

Interested investors can follow Base Dawgz on X or join its Telegram to stay updated on the project’s latest developments. Alternatively, visit its website to buy tokens.

To learn more, visit the Base Dawgz presale.

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