Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Guide: Fine Jewellery & Elegant Accessories

Express your love in the most exquisite way possible. LUXUO honours the mothers, grandmothers, wives, and cherished friends who enrich our lives in ways that go beyond words. In celebration of Mother’s Day 2024, LUXUO lists a curated gift guide that embarks on a journey through the world of fine jewelry and luxury accessories, where every piece is a symbol of love, admiration, and appreciation. From shimmering diamonds to radiant pearls, each piece embodies elegance, sophistication, and unparalleled craftsmanship and is a testament to the beauty and grace of the mothers we hold dear. Be it a gift that sparkles with sophistication or a token of affection that speaks to the heart, this selection goes beyond gender and can shared by both mother and son and mother and daughter.

Bulgari (For a Statement Piece)


For Mother’s Day, LUXUO highlights Bulgari’s “Divas’ Dream” jewellery collection. First, with the elegant gemstone necklaces adorned with elegant mother-of-pearl inserts and a vibrant malachite finish exuding timeless elegance. Next Bulgari’s Serpenti creations — inspired by the brand’s signature emblem of the snake and its unique ability to shed its skin in a process of constant transformation, Bulgari’s Serpenti creations in the form of a white gold ring and bracelet, make the perfect gifts to celebrate the bonds that grow, evolve and draw their power from change. The versatile Serpenti Viper wrapping bracelets and rings are a reminder that love constantly renews itself. These pieces highlight the sophisticated and distinctive spirit of sleek, effortless elegance.

Bulgari resized image 02

Boucheron (For a Contemporary Piece)

Boucheron How to Wear Quatre novelties 1 RESIZED 01

Boucheron’s range of Quatre classics in white and blue editions are versatile pieces suitable for any woman with just about any lifestyle. From entrepreneur to corporate, sporty to savvy, Boucheron’s range of rings suit all moods and can be worn in any number of combinations — single-layered or multi-layered for a dramatic or classic look. Boucheron introduced the Quatre line in 2004, with its graphic signature and contemporary character that has since become a timeless, unisex icon of urban elegance. These pieces can be paired with matching pieces for both mother and son and mother and daughter. Be it in the form of a ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace, each edition of the Quatre expresses a contemporary spirit for whatever her mood or disposition.

Boucheron Quatre Blue Edition pendant ring RESIZED Image 01

Tiffany & Co. (For Something Sentimental)

Tiffany Woven Keys 2

While Tiffany is the go-to for timeless classics like the Tiffany Lock, Tiffany HardWear, Tiffany Knot, Tiffany T and the Jean Schlumberger Sixteen Stone selections, LUXUO highlights the latest addition to the Tiffany Key designs – the Tiffany Woven Keys. Tiffany Woven Keys reimagines Tiffany Keys pendants, which the Maison first introduced in 2009. Drawing inspiration from archival Tiffany rope motifs, this design features strands of scintillating diamonds that culminate in a single woven masterpiece. Playing into the name, Tiffany once again reminds us that love is the “key” to a life well lived, and that love “unlocks” all possibilities. It makes a beautiful statement worn on its own or mixed with other metals.

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3. Tiffany Keys woven keys large and mini pendant in 18K rose gold with diamonds 1

Louis Vuitton (For a Stylish Piece)

mothersday LOUIS VUITTON

Indulge in Louis Vuitton’s Idylle Blossom ring and earring combination. Crafted from 18-karat yellow, white & pink gold the piece sees the three exquisite flowers are joyfully combined in a personal precious bouquet, lighting up the silhouette with dancing sparkles. Idylle Blossom’s creations reveal the free-spirited Louis Vuitton woman attitude. Feminine and playful, the Blossom collection celebrates the Monogram flowers, created in 1896 by Georges-Louis Vuitton. Light, delicate and easy to wear, they radiate style, glamour and sophistication.

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Piaget (For a Glamorous Piece)

G34P3K00 G34P2K00 Piaget Resized 01

The combination of gold craftsmanship, the pavé of precious stones, the setting of the central diamond, the gadroons on the outer body, and the spinning band displays the house’s signature style. This new set of pieces sees Piaget return to its roots. Each piece of jewellery from the Piaget atelier is completed with a meticulous finish and size harking back to the glamour of the 90s with its daring design. The Possession ring (above) makes a statement hugging the shape of the finger, lengthening it, and perfectly complimenting even the slimmest of rings. The crowning jewel of the collection is the bangle (below) created in three versions, including two gold models – one with a single set diamond and one with two rows of pavé diamonds. Palace Décor stands out on the body of the bangle, on the mini spinning band in the centre, and in the central diamond set between Possession brackets. To avoid a departure from
the collection’s aesthetic, the Maison’s goldsmiths ingeniously devised an opening system that would be as discreet as possible, a small opening spring on the inside of the bangle, both invisible and playful.

G36P3A00 Piaget resized 01

Dior (For Something Bold)


More contemporary than ever, pieces in the Bois de Rose collection pay tribute to Christian Dior’s favourite flower. For Mother’s Day 2024, indulge in Dior’s Rose des Vents collection which includes a new belt that can be worn around the waist or transformed into a double-row necklace or long necklace. The piece features an asymmetrical interplay of multi-layered motifs presenting of joyful and contemporary style that reflects the Maison’s creativity. Celebrating one of Christian Dior’s most cherished emblems, the Rose des Vents jewellery is decorated with colourful ornamental stones and sparkling diamonds. Fascinated by this floral odyssey, Dior reinvents the rose and flowers to reflect the multifaceted forms of femininity. A statement for her or for him, this piece can be worn stacked and to be exchanged or offered as a symbol of love.


Celine (For Something Modern)

Celine resized 01

From the range of Celine’s accessories and jewellery offerings, the bracelets stand out for obvious reasons. True to form, Celine delights with youthful, delicate pieces that stand out and don’t fade into the background. First, the Celine Plage Pearl Bracelet has a beautiful gold finish and resin pearls making it both contemporary and elegant. Next, the Cœur Celine Bracelet highlights Celine’s signature emblem in brass with a gold finish for the perfect minimalist staple for any fashion-loving mother.

Celine resized 02

Swarovski (For a Bit of Sparkle)

Swrofski Image 01 final 01 Featured Image FINAL

Swarovski ushers in a new take on jewellery gifting this Mother’s Day. As seen in its latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Swarovski takes inspiration from the aquatic world examining the extraordinary underwater flora and fauna, to light dancing on the surface of the ocean. Enter Swarovski’s Hyperbola, Idyllia and Millenia collections. The Hyperbola family offers new statement pieces that encourage bold expressions of love. Intricately constructed to capture the enduring movement of the ocean, the family features wave-inspired designs, an ombre effect with gradient stone colours and new heart motifs. Idyllia takes inspiration from nature’s intricate adornments, realising oceanic and floral motifs in pave, pearls, ombre Swarovski Zircnoia and exquisite crystal formations. 

Swrofski Image 01 final 01 Featured Image FINAL 02

Swarovski’s Mother’s Day collection is available in select stores and online on

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