Kent County Council advertises "£400m" highways opportunity

Kent County Council (KCC) is seeking a single supplier for its road asset renewal contract (RARC), which is the principal delivery method for planned road pavement renewal and reconstruction works across the county.

Renewal schemes to be delivered via this contract will range from small resurfacing schemes to large reconstruction works, right down to foundations. Contract scope includes planned repairs and emergency works, in the event of a road collapse, for example.

While no work is guaranteed within the contract, the expected annual value is in the region of £20m to £25m at current values, giving a total value of £100m to £125m over the initial five-year or £200m to £250m if the optional five year extension is exercised.

However, the total maximum contract value is being advertised as £400m, the council said, “to allow for any future increases in government or KCC funding, any future inflation, and any other unexpected but in-scope spend”.

For further details, see our Contract Leads section.

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