Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Weight Loss Medication Ozempic in Discussion With Whoopi Goldberg

Kelly Clarkson has joined the ongoing conversation around the use of weight management drugs like Ozempic in Hollywood. On Monday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the singer and daytime television host opened up about her use of weight loss medication during an interview with guest Whoopi Goldberg.

“Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic, but it’s not. It’s something else,” Clarkson said.

The conversation began with Clarkson sharing a compliment with Goldberg. “Every time I run into you, you look younger. You’re like Benjamin Button,” the host said. Goldberg explained that her younger appearance is due to “all the weight I’ve lost” and added, “I am doing that wonderful shot that works for folks who need some help, and it’s been really good for me.”

THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW -- Episode 7I142 -- Pictured: (l-r) Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Clarkson -- (Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Whoopi Goldberg and Kelly Clarkson on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

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Clarkson confirmed she has also lost “a lot” of weight with a similar medication. “Mine is a different one than people assume, but I ended up having to do that too because my bloodwork got so bad,” she said, adding, “My doctor chased me for two years, and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it.’ I already have thyroid problems.”

The singer revealed she once weighed 203 pounds. “And I’m like 5-foot, 3 and a half [inches],” Clarkson said.

According to Clarkson, her decision to start the weight loss treatment came after she recorded her birthday concert in Los Angeles on April 24, 2023, which she initially planned to release to fans but gave up on the idea after seeing herself on screen.

Clarkson said the prescription she is on “aids in helping break down the sugar.” The singer, who previously opened up on her show about being prediabetic, said she now eats “a healthy mix.” “I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor — a couple years I didn’t. And 90 percent of the time I’m really good at it because a protein diet is good for me anyway. I’m a Texas girl, so I like meat — sorry, vegetarians in the world,” she said.

Kelly Clarkson at the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Arena on February 4, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

Kelly Clarkson at the 66th annual Grammy Awards held at Arena on Feb. 4 in Los Angeles.

Gilbert Flores/Billboard

The discussion around the use of Ozempic and similar drugs has been the center of many conversations and punchlines in Hollywood over the past year. In March, Oprah Winfrey became one of the first celebrities to support the use of weight loss medication, exploring the topic in her “Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution” special on ABC.

“I come to this conversation in the hope that we can start releasing the stigma and the shame and the judgment,” Winfrey said. “To stop shaming other people for being overweight or how they choose to lose or not lose weight, and more importantly to stop shaming ourselves.”

Muriel Gonzalez, president of The Vitamin Shoppe, told Beauty Inc. how Winfrey’s speech created a new wave of people interested in weight loss medication. “Ozempic is the biggest trend in the world,” Gonzalez said. “It’s not the biggest health trend. It is the biggest trend.”

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