Kelexo celebrates Easter with stage 2 presale 

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As the defi sector gears up for a resurgence, Kelexo launches Stage 2 of its presale amid Easter celebrations.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is going to be a major narrative within the broader decentralized finance (defi) industry in 2024, as the sector itself looks to climb past the 2021 all-time high total locked value of ~$185B.

And in the realm of P2P lending, newer, more innovative protocols are superseding 2021 biggest gainers like Aave and Compound, which have failed to gain real, tangible traction with a broader audience. 

A new contender is poised to challenge for the crown in the defi lending sector; its presale is attracting a whole slew of fresh investment as of stage 2 of its presale launch. Kelexo (KLXO), which is building the first decentralized P2P lending marketplace of its kind, is offering an ideal entry point for prospective investors at $0.05, with parabolic gains potentially in the frame in 2024 and beyond.

The lowdown on peer-to-peer lending

In essence, P2P lending links borrowers and lenders directly under the defi paradigm; the concept has taken off as a substitute for traditional banking and lending services. P2P lending protocols enable decentralized lending operations enabling individuals who would otherwise be unable to take out loans with banks or institutions could do so without the use of any intermediary.

Borrowers can avail of credit with favorable terms, while lenders can earn significantly better ROIs under this arrangement. This enables borrowers to receive money without having to sell their crypto, use the loan proceeds for their personal needs, and repay the loan to regain control of their assets. For lenders, crypto lending allows them to leverage their holdings to generate returns by lending out a portion of their assets.

The role of crypto lending platforms in P2P lending

Crypto lending platforms play an integral role in disbursing crypto loans, bringing together borrowers and lenders under one platform to perform such operations. Some vary on how much credit borrowers can lend, often up to 50% of their digital assets, while other platforms allow higher rates. Also, borrowers can typically repay when they can before the fixed term ends.

Easter rings in stage 2 of Kelexo presale

Decentralized lending protocols have been around since 2017, with Aave (formerly known as ETHLend) having had the good fortune of experiencing two bull cycles in 2017 and 2021. However, Aave hasn’t really made inroads in the broader consumer market because of its high barrier of entry in terms of the technical know-how prospective users need to possess.

That is where Kelexo comes in. Kelexo is iterating on the decentralized lending concept by building the pre-eminent P2P lending marketplace of its kind, set to onboard the masses of individuals into web3 and defi with its innovative solution that distills the process of listing loans and availing of loans in just several clicks.

The platform native and governance token, Kelexo, will be up for grabs at $0.05 during stage 2 of its presale launch. This represents a perfect entry point for prospective investors who are betting on a full-blown defi resurgence.

To learn more, visit the Kelexo presale or the website.

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