June emerges as a wild month for memecoins PEPE, DOGE and Raboo

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Memecoins are heating up, with Dogecoin reversing its losses, PEPE seeing bullish action, and Raboo gaining investor attention as its presale hits Stage 4.

Memecoins are about to switch the action a bit, and the party that is the crypto-verse is about to get even wilder. Dogecoin (DOGE) has finally cancelled its weekly losses, and everyone is optimistic that DOGE could hit ATH this month.

PEPE price is also matching DOGE spikes with some price action of its own, but all eyes are on Raboo (RABT) for maximum gains this summer. The RABT presale is already in Stage four, and investors are still stocking up on Raboo.

Dogecoin finally settling into the bullish zone?

Dogecoin has suffered jibe after jibe for its bearish struggles last month. Even Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse thinks DOGE is ‘useless’ for its over-reliance on social media speculation for price movements.

Dogecoin’s recent surge can be seen as a retort from the token. Of course, there’s not much to infer from such a small rally, but Dogecoin has finally overturned its losses from the last week. In fact, DOGE is up 2.5% on a seven day chart.

CoinGape has highlighted some reasons Dogecoin could be on track to more profits this month. Whale accumulation, increased trading volume, and new bullish market indicators could see Dogecoin press on its charge toward the dollar mark.

PEPE price gets back on track with new bullish predictions

PEPE shattered the hopes of most traders in the crypto-verse last year as the token declined sharply after a stellar launch. So it was shocking to see PEPE hold on to a profit streak for a month in May. Now, despite PEPE’s cool off at the start of June, some investors are interested in the token.

The first signs of interest are in the trading volume pump. Last week, PEPE had seen a 38.5% spike in trading volume leaving its price at $0.00001501 after hitting its ATH. Although the trading volume has dipped since then, PEPE is still on the rise. The market cap is also on the rise, and it’s safe to say there’s considerable interest in PEPE investments already.

With all the bullish signs in the clear, PEPE’s next stop could be at the $0.00002 mark, although one is never sure with a memecoin. PEPE might have some tricks up its sleeves.

But neither the Dog nor the Frog are a match for what the Rabbit has in store this month. Unlike them, Raboo seems to be more reliable and consistent with its profits.

Raboo to set new memecoin standards

June is already shaping up for memecoins action, but it’s nothing compared to the war that would ensue as soon as Raboo launches. This is because the existing meme tokens are not keeping up with the expected standard of memes, and Raboo is going to correct this.

So, its first point of call is to get its community and generative AI in sync. According to the plan, RABT users post meme-worthy content on their socials, allowing the generative AI to collect such content for meme creation. With the AI, there won’t be tacky or repeated memes–they will all be fresh and new every day.

The next step is to start engulfing other meme communities. The rewards system for Raboo users who engage in the meme creation will attract other memecoin enthusiasts, and before long, there’s a horde of memes to push out daily. By then, only the meme tokens that can keep up will remain. Others will join the Raboo party.


Raboo is a tad ambitious, but that’s the spirit that’s lacking in most memecoins. With its eye on the top crypto spots, users can be sure that the RABT ecosystem only wants to grow.

The best time to join a generational meme token is now. It’s in Stage 4; the tokens are worth $0.0048, and the Stage 1 buyers are in 60% profits already.

Users can participate in the Raboo presale here. Reach out on Telegram or Twitter.

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