Investors eye NuggetRush presale as AI rally slows down

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Worldcoin (WLD) suspends its operations in Spain following a high court directive, as (FET) introduces features to simplify AI deployments. Amid these, NuggetRush (NUGX) nears a presale landmark with a major increase in token value.

Worldcoin (WLD) has fallen below double digits as its problems with the Spanish government worry investors. Elsewhere, (FET) has also risen shortly after releasing its DeltaV upgrade.

NuggetRush (NUGX) will join the top gaming altcoins as its token sale count has risen above 225 million. Its 90% value surge is also a cause of excitement for investors.

NuggetRush gains traction

NuggetRush is a gaming network that is building an economy where gamers can earn real-world value for their participation. It presents an ecosystem where players engage in mining activities while looking for high-value gold rewards. NuggetRush offers a lifelike participation opportunity where users get to learn the ropes of artisanal mining.

NuggetRush is suited to offer enjoyable experiences to beginners and experts. Furthermore, it rewards gamers at every round of the NuggetRush experience. The project offers competitive modes where gamers can beat others in several challenges. These could include battles, ranked play, and tournaments.

Users can also participate in competitions with a mining group or as part of a partnership. This would offer them more reward opportunities. It will also boost mining efficiency. NuggetRush also allows collaborations between gamers and professional miners.

NuggetRush is in a crucial phase of its blockchain ICO, nearing its official launch. Its token sale numbers continue to excite investors, indicating NuggetRush’s growth potential. Over 225 million tokens now belong to new community members. Some of these community members have followed NUGX’s 90% value pump to $0.019. When it jumps to $0.020, it would complete a 100% value increase.

Worldcoin drops amid row with Spanish government

Worldcoin has fallen slightly after reaching double digits in early March. It had joined the market rally sparked by other top altcoins. 

Bitcoin soared to the $72,000 range, marking a new all-time high (ATH) in the past week. Worldcoin had capitalized on this bullishness, rising sharply. Yet, recent troubles over its data collection in Spain have likely triggered a slight Worldcoin decline.

WLD traded at $2.2200 on February 5. It jumped by 219.4% to $7.0911 on February 21. WLD remained bullish, jumping by 64.8% to $11.69 on March 9. However, disappointment around its woes in Spain spurred a 15.8% decline to $9.8413 on March 11.

Worldcoin was banned in Spain as authorities questioned its compliance with regulatory policies. The network appealed the ban. However, a Spanish high court rejected the appeal, upholding Worldcoin’s ban. Still, analysts say demand for Worldcoin would keep rising, pushing its value up by 31.0% to $12.9015. jumps to the $3 range

Amid rising demand for Artificial Intelligence services, has recorded a spectacular price surge. joined the rest of the crypto market in the bull run that lasted since the end of February. Bitcoin soared, triggering high demand for top crypto coins. capitalized on this demand and increased by 100% since early February.

FET traded at $0.5239 on February 4. Nearly three weeks later, FET jumped by 106.0% to $1.0794 on February 24. FET then jumped by 67.2% to $1.8056 on March 2 before leaping by 70.7% to $3.0824 on March 9.  could rise further due to the release of its Delta V functionality. Delta V will aid the creation and management of AI agents that can solve complex tasks across multiple domains. 

Furthermore,’s AI agents can handle different activities in a decentralized economy. Analysts say this release could boost network activity on while pushing its value up by 15.7% to $3.5689.

To learn more about NuggetRush, visit the NuggetRush presale website.

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