Google’s Pixel Tablet relaunch at $399 makes its magnetic dock optional

However, to reach that price, you’ll have to go without its smart display-like magnetic Charging Speaker Dock.

Nothing is changing about the Pixel Tablet itself compared to the model that launched last summer, as it still has a Tensor G2 processor, 8GB of RAM, fingerprint sensor, and Wi-Fi 6. Google is just creating a new SKU that decouples the Charging Speaker. If you purchase the standalone tablet and later decide you want the dock, you can buy it separately for $129 in hazel and porcelain colors that match the tablet.

Coincidentally, Google made the announcement at the same time Apple announced new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, which are set to launch on May 15th, one day after Pixel Tablet standalone shipments start on the 14th. The Pixel Tablet is more comparable to the base iPad model, though, which now starts at $349. Google I/O is next week and may bring further platform-level improvements to the Pixel Tablet and others in the family, so check back in with us then for all the latest.

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