GameStop will buy and sell rare Pokémon cards — but it doesn’t want to catch ‘em all

GameStop, the used video game retailer that’s become increasingly associated with other kinds of speculative investments, wants to cash in on the resurgent card collecting craze — staffers have told Pokébeach, Polygon, and The Verge that stores will begin buying and selling rare Pokémon cards, and possibly other cards, as soon as next week.

GameStop apparently doesn’t want just any cards, though: employees across multiple states say they’ll only be buying cards that have already been graded by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) at an 8, 9, or 10, meaning they’re in near-mint condition or better with only slight imperfections. And yet, GameStop won’t accept the rarest cards valued at over $500, either, Pokébeach and Polygon report. You’ll have to find somewhere else to sell your PSA 10 shadowless first-edition Charizard.

One employee tells The Verge that this is an explicit collaboration between GameStop and PSA — but that GameStop won’t offer grading services in-store or help you mail your cards in for grading. GameStop will take other kinds of PSA-graded cards beyond Pokémon, too, though, that employee says.

And while Pokébeach reports that you’ll be able to buy cards, too, they won’t necessarily be the same rare PSA-graded ones, but rather $1 singles to start.

GameStop didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment; we’ve reached out to PSA as well. It’s not clear when this program will roll out to stores; while Pokébeach says it’s starting next week, my local store said it should begin in July.

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