Experts Break Down the Lawsuits in Broker Webinar Tomorrow

If the deluge of commission lawsuits that have descended on the real estate industry have you concerned about what business changes may come, where to find answers for your agents’ questions and how their bottom line could be affected, don’t miss three industry leaders who have spoken extensively on the legal complexities, transparency, advocacy, policy and more, who will be breaking it all down for brokers on a free, one-hour webinar tomorrow afternoon. 

Register here to attend RISMedia’s free webinar, “Brokerage in the Balance: Addressing Antitrust Lawsuits Head-On” tomorrow at 3 pm ET. 

The webinar, “Brokerage in the Balance: Addressing Antitrust Lawsuits Head-On,” will feature NextHome Co-Founder and CEOJames Dwiggins; Anthony Lamacchia, CEO of Lamacchia Companies; and Jessica Edgerton, Chief Legal Officer And Executive Vice President Of Industry And Learning for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, in a session moderated by RISMedia Founder & CEO John Featherston and industry expert Darryl Davis of Darryl Davis Seminars. 

Together, these industry leaders will explore strategies, share insights and brainstorm solutions to help you—brokers, managers and leaders of real estate—adapt and thrive amid these legal challenges. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable perspectives for moving forward in this unprecedented landscape.

Here are some insights on the lawsuits from our experts in recent RISMedia coverage: 

On a recent panel at RISMedia’s Rocking in the New Year on “Preparing for the Compensation Conversation,” Jessica Edgerton said: “For those feeling doom and gloom about the appeals, NAR and the remaining defendants have incredibly strong arguments on appeal, so this certainly does not mean an end to buyer agency right now. Buyers in this market and in every market need representation from you now more than ever.”

On Kevin Sears’ recent address to the industry, James Dwiggins commented: “Start by ignoring every rule and procedure that’s been put in place for you to follow. Trust your gut, and go with it. I guarantee you the entire REALTOR® community will support you if they see transparency and authenticity. That’s the type of leadership we need right now.”

On the recent debate between Anthony Lamacchia and Michael Ketchmark, Lamacchia asserted: “There is more competition in our space than arguably any other space as far as consumers go. If I want to replace my driveway, there’s five local contractors I can call and probably three will call me back. If I want to replace the windows in my house maybe there’s 10 and maybe six will call me back. But if I want to sell my home, there’s 9,500 REALTORS® in greater Boston and probably 9,000 will come to my house the next day to list the home. And you’re trying to act like consumers don’t have any choices. It’s crazy to me.” 

Register to attend this event here. Replays will be available to registrants. 

Here are some of the questions the webinar will address:

  • What immediate impacts are real estate offices experiencing due to the antitrust lawsuits against NAR?
  • In what ways can real estate offices adapt their policies to stay aligned with changing antitrust regulations?
  • How do you think these legal challenges influence the strategic planning and decision-making processes in real estate businesses?
  • How should real estate companies approach compliance and risk management in light of these lawsuits?
  • What role can technology play in addressing and adapting to these legal challenges?
  • How can a real estate broker leverage collaboration and networking to navigate these legal complexities?
  • What are the key considerations for real estate companies to maintain competitiveness and growth during these uncertain times?
  • What strategies are you implementing to keep your agents focused and productive so they are not distracted by the onslaught of lawsuits?

Tune in at 3 pm ET tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 7. 

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