EXCLUSIVE: Rebag and ThredUp Embark on Partnership

Rebag and ThredUp are embarking on a new partnership that furthers both companies’ commitments to sustainability.

The luxury handbag reseller and online resale platform, respectively, are joining forces for Rebag’s new Clean Out program, which is operated through ThredUp’s Resale-as-a-Service initiative.

“We cover very specific segments of the market, which is the high-end luxury resale segment, and obviously ThredUp covers another segment, which is broader, in particular across more brands and more categories,” said Rebag chief executive officer Charles Gorra. “So we thought it was a good alignment here to do something together so that we bring our two communities together and offer something for both buyers and sellers.” 

Through the Clean Out program, customers can sell their items to ThredUp in exchange for credit toward Rebag’s offerings. The resale opportunity is available both through Rebag and ThredUp’s websites. ThredUp will also have a designated section on its website featuring Rebag’s products, which are available for sale.

Beyond the sustainability aspect, the partnership was attractive for both companies as it allows for Rebag’s customers to consign other apparel and fashion items beyond the company’s luxury listings and allows ThredUp customers access to luxury handbag offerings. 

“It goes to the idea that if you want to solve the fashion sustainability issue at some point, no one company or no one offering solves 100 percent of the problem for customers in the market,” Gorra said. “So we are very cognizant that we have developed something unique that solves that very high-end selling and buying environment, but we also know that many customers have other needs — in particular when it comes to apparel, which is a very large part of this market that we are barely in, and when it comes to non-luxury brands.”

ThredUp launched its Resale-as-a-Service platform in 2019 and has quickly built out its brands list to include labels such as Madewell, Reformation, J.Crew, Farfetch, Kate Spade New York, Banana Republic and many others.

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