EXCLUSIVE: Canyon Ranch to Host Beauty and Wellness Festival, Enchant at the Ranch 

Canyon Ranch is gearing up for its first beauty and wellness festival. 

The event, called Enchant at the Ranch, will be held at the wellness resort’s Tucson, Ariz., location from March 17 through 21. Canyon Ranch, founded in 1979, operates two resorts in Tuscon and Lenox, Mass.; a small retreat in Woodside, Calif.; a 134,000-square-foot day spa at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and a wellness club and spa in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Canyon Ranch has been a quiet force in beauty and a significant force and an innovative force in wellness for 40 years,” said chief executive officer Mark Rivers, who was appointed in September 2023. “What we wanted to do around Enchant was to find a way to take some of our authority and authenticity around beauty and wellness and our spa experiences and bring them to life in a resort setting.”

The multiday event will include panels, speakers, pop-ups, product and service demonstrations and Canyon Ranch’s typical all-inclusive perks, like hikes, yoga and meditation. Rooms for the event start at $1,150 per night, per the brand’s website. 

The event’s lineup currently includes Rachel Roy, fashion designer and founder of Ancient Skincare; Joanna Czech, celebrity aesthetician and founder of Joanna Czech Skincare; Janet Gurwitch, founder and former CEO of Laura Mercier, and Sheena Zadeh-Daly, founder of Kosas, as well as representatives from The Outset, Venn Skincare, Biologique Recherche, Therabody and Supergoop. More names will be announced in the coming months, and more than 25 brands are slated to attend.

While the event will center around wellness and beauty broadly, Canyon Ranch’s core tenants of mind, body and spirit are top of mind. Additionally, Rivers says the brand may focus on specific topics at future Enchant festivals.

Rivers expects attendees to be a mix between Canyon Ranch loyalists, industry veterans, entrepreneurs and the beauty-obsessed.

Furthermore, the company is scheduled to host Enchant at the Ranch at its Lenox location from Oct. 20 through 25. According to Rivers, Enchant at the Ranch will be a franchise event that the two main resort locations will host annually.

“This will be an annual offering from us that I think will only grow,” he said. “Lenox will probably end up being the New York audience… Tucson will probably be more of a national audience or a West Coast audience.”

In the way of expansion, Rivers plans to grow Canyon Ranch across the different models currently offered.

“We have under construction today, our first-ever state-of-the-art ground-up resort and residential community outside of Austin, Texas,” he said. “We’re a growth company that’s in one of the most important and fastest-growing consumer segments on the planet today.”

Canyon Ranch has been around since the ’70s, and has evolved as it aims to meet the needs of modern wellness enthusiasts.

“We have to be sure that we’re connecting cultural relevance… We have to always be innovating,” Rivers said.

For Canyon Ranch, this is ensuring the hottest technologies and services, like red light, percussion therapy and lymphatic drainage are available, and new experiences, like Enchant at the Ranch.

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