Everyone is obsessed with date bark—and here’s why

If you love dates then, you’ll love the internet’s newest obsession.

Date bark is a no-bake sweet treat that’s taking over social media and it’s easy to see why. Not only is this one food trend that requires very little effort but it’s also guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

@georginaburgess_ Finally tried Date Bark and it lived up to alll expectations Sweet, chewy, crunchy goodness 😍 this might be the best way to eat dates! Original recipe by the genius that is @lina 🙌🏻 No quantities, just go with your heart’s content ♥ – Medjool dates – Peanut butter – Peanuts or almonds – Melted dark chocolate – Flaky salt #datebark #nobakedessert #vegantreats #medjooldates #peanutbutter #vegandessert ♬ Standout – Kid Dean

Date bark is simple and only requires a few ingredients: dates, chocolate, peanut butter and your choice of nuts.

In the viral clip, Gina Burgess shows every step of the recipe. “Simply squish medjool dates down on some baking paper,” she says. She uses the bottom of a cup but some people say they used a rolling pin.

Then, it’s as simple as drizzling peanut butter—melted works best—sprinkling some chopped nuts and topping it off with melted chocolate and sea salt. The date bark is then put in the freezer and taken out when it’s ready to serve.

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Now, here’s where you can customize this recipe to fit your tastebuds. Personally, I would skip the peanut butter altogether and instead go with chopped pecans, unsweetened coconut flakes, dark chocolate and sea salt. Some people reported using tahini or almond butter as a substitute.

The combo of peanut butter, dates and chocolate just sounds WAY too sweet. Yes, dates are a healthy treat but this could very easily become as unhealthy as other sweets, depending on your toppings and no, I am not a nutritionist.

The best thing about this is that date bark is basically a no-bake sweet treat that’s perfect for the busy holiday season. There’s always more to be done during the holidays so, if you’ve got no-bake sweets to wow your guests with you’ll save yourself so much time. Sprinkle some crushed peppermint on top and call it holiday bark!

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Don’t be surprised when you notice that this video (and others like it) have millions of views. The internet loves an easy recipe that tastes amazing.

“Made it, LOVED it!!!”

“I just tried this and it’s delicious”

“making it right now. so excited!”

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