Ethereum’s slight surge ignites Solana whales’ interest in Kelexo

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Kelexo (KLXO) is witnessing an influx of Solana investors to its presale thanks to the recent volatility faced by Ethereum.

Investors are confused at the moment as even more changes occur. The increased volatility means more risk exposure and this can result in more returns or losses. In either case, investors have to be extra careful to make sure they don’t encounter severe losses.

For the current market, the best way to make gains is to stay aware of the various coins and their respective prospects. Even if investors don’t know all the options, they should at least be aware of the most prominent tokens, like Ethereum and Solana which tend to have a lot of possibilities. They should also be informed about emerging new choices with decent potential like Kelexo.

Our analysis brings out this information for readers to become more aware.

The ETH rebound

The layer-1 blockchain network, Ethereum made by Vitalik Buterin has been one of the most patronized blockchains. Investors and developers alike seem to like Ethereum for many reasons. Despite recent declines, this is still true.

Ethereum had declined to around $3,300 per unit during the market crash. However, it is now seeing an uptick that could restart its rise to the top. Ethereum trades at $3,347.97 per unit as of press time. It is down by around 9% compared to a week ago.

Solana retraces

Solana is a fast-rising alternative to Ethereum, built to work fast and have lower fees. With Ethereum’s popularity came an unprecedented amount of traffic but also complaints around its fees. Solana emerged to change this and offer a network that was fast and cheap.

To some extent, many of the same problems have extended into Solana. It has started to experience more network congestion recently. For the price, Solana trades at $170.70 as of press time, a small decline from its previous position closer to $180. It had gone past $200 last week but finds itself struggling to maintain pace now.

 Kelexo gaining traction 

When conversations today are being had about the most valuable tokens, one name that shows up is Kelexo. It is a newcomer and new entrant into the DeFi scene but has great potential that could see it be better than other options. Unlike Ethereum and Solana, Kelexo has a largely untapped supply.

Whether they are lending or borrowing, users can benefit much from Kelexo and its decentralized payment system. Low fees favor both sides, borrowers don’t have to pay much on top of the loan and lenders get their profits untouched. In both cases, they can get those funds instantly.

Kelexo has now entered stage two of its presale. This comes after a huge stage one with thousands of units sold. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Kelexo website

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