Ethereum crosses $4000; Pushd presale draws LTC, TRX holders

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In the dynamic crypto market, Ethereum surpasses the $4,000 mark, drawing increased attention, while the Pushd presale begins to attract investors from Litecoin and Tron, signaling potential shifts in investor focus toward new platforms.

The crypto market is going wild over Ethereum (ETH) which has managed to trade over $4k. Ethereum had been trading fairly around $3.4k before hitting a high price of $4k. Similarly, Litecoin (LTC) may as well hit the $100 price as it has shown signs of going higher in the coming days. However, Tron (TRX) is on the decline. Trading at $0.12, Tron holders may be getting more losses than profits.

Amid Ethereum’s trend, Pushd (PUSHD) e-commerce is gaining traction. Pushd has drawn more holders even from major cryptocurrencies. With nearly 30k registrations recorded, Pushd’s stage 6 has just begun and is expected to attract more investors.

Ethereum makes more headlines in the market

It appears that the giant Ethereum owns the moment as it hit a high price of $4000. Ethereum isn’t stopping anytime soon as analysts have predicted the crypto coin, to still go higher and probably hit $5k in a short period. Fans and holders are also optimistic that Ethereum has just started and will be a real gainer in the future.

Not only is the Ethereum cryptocurrency doing well but has also garnered more attraction to its blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain has become a top pick for many developers.

Litecoin holders set to earn more gains

Like Ethereum, Litecoin holders will be earning some profits as the coin has seen a significant price increase. Now selling for $97, Litecoin is likely to hit $100 and more in the coming week. Holders in return hope that Litecoin will hit a more significant price this year.

Litecoin was created from the Bitcoin blockchain. Although it offers more scalability than Bitcoin, Litecoin is still far below Bitcoin. However, holders are looking at the bright side of Litecoin expecting it to someday be prominent like the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tron struggles to stand on its feet

Unfortunately, Tron is on the decline and now trading at $0.12 presently. Tron hasn’t shown holders signs that it will step back on its feet which has forced holders to look into better alternatives like Pushd with a brighter future. Pushd could be the game-changer for Tron holders.

Pushd e-commerce presale sells well

Pushd is an e-commerce platform that has gained the attention of various holders around the globe. Similarly, Pushd has earned the trust of buyers and sellers who would like to take advantage of the platform when it finally launches. Eventually, Pushd will be stiff competition for top online marketplaces.

The Pushd cryptocurrency is forecast by analysts to be a profitable coin. As a result, holders from the likes of Tron have begun to buy quickly into the presale. As a reward, Pushd allows presale token holders to earn revenue from fees generated from the platform.

To learn more about the Pushd presale, visit the Pushd website.

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