dYdX founder to step down as CEO, taking Chairman role

The founder of dYdX, Antonio Juliano, will step down as CEO of the crypto platform.

Juliano shared his plans in an official blog post, detailing his transition to the positions of Chairman and President of the company. His successor as CEO will be Ivo Crnkovic-Rubsamen, who served as the operating partner of dYdX.

“I realized I didn’t actually have to run my own company. I am and will always be the founder of dYdX.”

Antonio Juliano, dYdX Founder

The platform’s founder also emphasized his commitment to developing leadership within the organization, facilitating the growth of his colleagues until a suitable successor emerges.

However, Juliano assured users that despite his departure, he remains deeply interested in the future of dYdX. The founder expressed unwavering optimism about the company’s trajectory, emphasizing that dYdX’s journey is far from over. After leaving the post of CEO, Juliano will assume the position of chairman and president of the company.

“I will always be the leader of dYdX. I will continue to drive major decisions and strategy, and will also work closely with Ivo as he runs the day to day operations.”

Antonio Juliano, dYdX Founder

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