Deutsche Telekom joins data indexer Subsquid as node runner

German mobile communications giant Deutsche Telekom MMS has teamed up with Subsquid to contribute to the data lake by running nodes.

Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Europe, has become a node partner with the decentralized protocol Subsquid to help it manage the data lake by running network nodes.

In a Wednesday press release, the Bonn-headquartered telecom giant said that under the partnership agreement, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary has started running its infrastructure to “contribute to the data lake by running worker nodes,” adding that the nodes have been live “since earlier this summer.”

Deutsche Telekom’s head of web3 infrastructure & solutions team Dirk Röder praised Subsquid’s solution as a “game-changer for web3,” noting the project’s potential.

“It unlocks the true potential of blockchain data, making it readily accessible and usable for developers and users alike. With our enterprise-grade infrastructure setup, we bolster the security and scalability of the network, providing the foundation for Subsquid’s powerful decentralized Data Lake technology,” Röder commented.

Subsquid co-founder Marcel Fohrmann added that the partnership signifies a “new level of legitimacy and security not just for the network we are building, but for all of blockchain technology.”

Deutsche Telekom has also been running validators for other blockchain protocols such as Polygon, Ethereum, and Polkadot. For Subsquid, founded in 2021 by Dmitry Zhelezov and Marcel Fohrmann, the partnership reinforces its efforts to tackle challenges related to blockchain data accessibility and the high costs of data retrieval. Initially designed as a solution for Polkadot, Subsquid has since expanded to Ethereum, Flare and launched a beta version for Solana.

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