Deion Sanders squelches Shedeur Sanders-to-NFL talk

NFL teams have scouted University of Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders, who is expected to be a highly rated prospect whenever he turns pro. The question is: When is he turning pro?

Sanders is eligible for the 2024 draft.

Colorado coach Deion Sanders, and Shedeur’s father, slammed the brakes on this being the quarterback’s final college season.

Why would we when we’re having a great time here?” Deion Sanders said, via Steve Samra of “When we appreciate and love where we are, it’s hard to look at somewhere else.”

Shedeur, who estimates has an NIL annual value of $4.6 million, has partnerships with Topps, Beats by Dre, Urban Outfitters, Mercedes Benz and KFC. He also has launched his own apparel line.

If he returns, Sanders will be among the leading candidates for the Heisman Trophy next year. It also would give him another year of playing for his father.

“Shedeur is a pro. He’s a pro in college football,” Sanders said. “I mean, he knows how to handle you all [the media]. He knows how to handle taking care of his academics. He knows how to act in public. I mean, he’s one with the game. When he’s holding up his watch and all that stuff, that’s fine to him. He’s a kid. You guys are trying to throw adulthood on him. I want him to enjoy his life, and his game. He’s a great. You don’t know him like I know him, because I’m his dad. He’s a great human being. He’s really a great young man. He’s good for the game. He’s good for his teammates. He’s good for college football.

“The way he’s handled adversity. We’re in the same book. We’ve always won. So this is tremendously tough, hitting this hurdle that we’ve hit. So, I don’t see him flinching. I don’t see him, no quit in him. No shutdown. He’s studying and preparing just as he would any other time. The same preparation when we were winning. He’s getting more treatment, because his body is tremendously sore. His body’s tremendously sore. He’s doing some of the things that he doesn’t do to go out there and make sure that he can be his best. So I’m proud of the young fella. I really am. . . . I’m proud of all the kids on the team.”

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