Deadpool & Wolverine’s latest trailer teases yet another X-villain cameo

While most of Deadpool & Wolverine’s ad spots so far have put more focus on the titular mutant heroes than the villains they’ll be fighting, the movie’s latest teaser is really just a big reveal that Tyler Mane — who first portrayed Sabretooth in Fox’s X-Men back in 2000 — will reprise his role. Previous trailers featured very brief shots of Kelly Hu’s Lady Deathstrike, Jason Flemyng’s Azazel, Ray Park’s Toad, and Aaron Stanford’s Pyro. With Sabretooth now in the mix, it all makes Deadpool & Wolverine seem poised to work a big chunk of the X-Men’s rogues gallery into the MCU long term.

Or, this could all just be part of Marvel’s plan to send the old X-franchise off with an F-bomb-filled bang before a somewhat different, somewhat new gaggle of mutants become the new stars of the franchise after Deadpool & Wolverine’s debut on July 26th.

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