Bungie teases Destiny 2 codenamed ‘Frontiers’ for 2025

Bungie just concluded the long-running saga of the light and darkness in Destiny 2: The Final Shape earlier this month, and now the Halo and Destiny developer is teasing what’s next. In a “journey ahead” stream today, Bungie disclosed the first details on its plans for the rest of the year ahead with Destiny 2 and even teased a 2025 release for new content that’s codenamed “Frontiers.”

Until Frontiers arrives next year, Destiny 2 will continue with new episodes of story content that explore what’s happened after the conclusion of The Final Shape. Destiny 2 players have just battled The Witness in the latest expansion, the main antagonist of Destiny’s light and darkness saga, which has created what Bungie is calling echoes throughout the universe.

Destiny 2 is getting loot potions.
Image: Bungie

The first echo has landed on Nessus, which is why Destiny 2 players have noticed earthquakes occurring on that planet over the weekend. Nessus is changing, and so are the Vex enemies that inhabit it, which Destiny 2 players will start to discover this week as The Final Shape seasonal content begins with this first episode of stories.

Later in the year, the second echo, Revenant, will see the focus switch to the Fallen enemies, with Destiny 2 players turning into vampire hunters that have craftable potions. After Revenant the final episode is Heresy, which will focus on the Hive pantheon enemies. And yes, we’re heading back to the dreadnought to see what’s changed with the Hive. There will even be armor that’s themed around Eris Morn, Destiny’s very own Hive lore expert.

After Heresy ends and year 11 of Destiny 2 begins in 2025, a new “Frontiers” drop of content is on the way. “The journey continues,” teases Bungie. It’s not clear what storyline the Frontiers content will cover, but it doesn’t seem to be the big annual expansion that Bungie typically puts out for Destiny 2. Either way, Bungie is making it clear that Destiny 2 isn’t going anywhere just yet, despite speculation over whether or not a Destiny 3 is on the way.

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