‘Bridgerton’ Actor Luke Newton’s ‘Leading Man Energy’ Style, According to Stylist Holly White

“Bridgerton” actor Luke Newton has taken on the spotlight for the Netflix series’ third season, and that “leading man energy” has only been enhanced through his red carpet style.

The British actor, who plays Colin Bridgerton in the popular series, has been making an impression with his style during the show’s press tour over the last few months as the series gears up to present the second half of its third season on Thursday. Newton’s press tour looks have been styled by Holly White, who has worked with the actor since the beginning of 2023.

“This press tour, it was definitely all about leading man energy and curating a kind of narrative for him that really gave the audience an idea of who he is through what we styled him in,” White said. “But, also, there were moments where we kind of wanted to lean into the show, too.”

White explained Newton’s style is a relaxed take on classic menswear. Instead of the traditional suit, Newton has experimented with wearing coats as suit jackets and undershirts instead of dress shirts. He’s also opted for oversize silhouettes instead of fitted styles. 

“We did feel that he was in a position that we could push the boundaries a little bit, take some risks and really make the most of this moment,” White said. “We really wanted to use this opportunity to play a little bit, but also still make sure that it felt like him.” 

Luke Newton at the world premiere of

Luke Newton at the world premiere of “Bridgerton” Season Three on May 13 in New York City.

Kristina Bumphrey for Variety

This risk-taking has come through in several of his looks. At the world premiere of “Bridgerton” Season Three in New York City last month, Newton walked the red carpet wearing a Versace red and black tweed jacket with black trousers. White explained the look gave a nod to “Bridgerton” as the jacket was meant to reflect the Regency era depicted in the Netflix series. 

White stated she’s also looked to “Bridgerton” as inspiration for Newton’s style by dressing him in certain looks that were “subtly sexy,” such as a monotone Ami Paris outfit that consisted of a long, oversize jacket over an undershirt and loose-fitting trousers. 

“There’s kind of an allure there,” she said. “I think that really plays into essentially what ‘Bridgerton’ is all about, too.”

BOWRAL, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 21: Luke Newton attends the

Luke Newton attends the “Bridgerton” Season Three launch on April 21 in Bowral, Australia.

Getty Images for Netflix

In terms of brands, Versace and Ami Paris have been favorites of Newton and White’s. The stylist explained that for the remainder of the press tour, where Newton will join his castmates in Ireland, he will wear pieces from Irish designers such as Simone Rocha, Jonathan Anderson and Colin Burke. 

White believes Newton’s style has been resonating with “Bridgerton” fans for its casual and approachable nature. Given the many press appearances during the Season Three tour, White said she thinks Newton has been able to show off his style and personality to fans in a way that will make an impact.

“The beauty of [the press tour] is that it gives Luke and I the opportunity to create something really impactful and long-lasting,” she said. “I say this to him all the time — I really hope that he looks back in five, 10 or 20 years’ time and loves these looks as much as he does now.” 

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