Apple’s first Vision Pro beta lets you bring virtual items closer

The first visionOS developer beta since the launch of the Apple Vision Pro is here, bringing with it a fix that lets users of the headset get closer to objects in a 3D space.

In visionOS, when you get close enough to an object or an app window, it starts to fade to nothing as you pass through it. But one of The Verge’s staffers said the point where this fade happens when playing something like STAK!, a game that lets you stack 3D blocks, was frustratingly far away.

Apple’s release notes for the visionOS beta 1.1 update say that users will “be able to reposition volumetric scenes much closer than before, which will enable easier direct interaction” with the objects in them.

Besides this fix, Apple has also reportedly enabled mobile device management with the new beta, which could also include support for Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace.

Product marketing senior director Jeremy Butcher told TechCrunch that it sees the enterprise space as a big potential market. Butcher said that means “support for things like managed Apple IDs” and single sign-on.

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