Apple just corrected the M2 iPad Air’s core count

The M2 iPad Air doesn’t come with the 10-core GPU that Apple originally advertised — it actually comes with a nine-core one. In a statement to 9to5Mac, an unnamed Apple spokesperson says it has updated its website “to correct the core count for the M2 iPad Air” but that “all performance claims for the M2 iPad Air are accurate and based on a 9-core GPU.”

The correction from Apple comes after a report from 9to5Mac revealed that the company had quietly changed the core count for its new M2 iPad Air from 10 cores to nine on the page outlining the product’s specs. Apple has also changed the device’s core count on its press release and support page. The Verge reached out to Apple with a request for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

As Apple tells 9to5Mac, this doesn’t mean the M2 iPad Air’s listed performance is wrong. Apple’s claim that the M2 iPad Air is 50 percent faster than its M1 predecessor still stands.

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