Apple Intelligence: every new AI feature coming to the iPhone and Mac

Apple announced “Apple Intelligence” at WWDC 2024, its name for a new suite of AI features for the iPhone, Mac, and more.

The company that once refused to use the term “artificial intelligence” when talking about its machine learning features now has AI enhancements across its platforms. The company has been behind companies like Google and Microsoft, which started racing ahead with their own generative AI features as soon as OpenAI broke thApple Intelligence at dam open in 2022. Now, it’s making its bid to catch up.

Apple said its AI features will be able to do things for you in apps. It will be able to manage your notifications, automatically write things for you, or summarize text in mail and other apps. The company also says it can do things like reference one app to carry out an action in another, such as asking it to play a podcast your partner sent you.

Of course, this is Apple, so it has to have a privacy story. The company says its AI features will be processed on-device to keep information private. But you’ll need an A17 Pro or M-series chip to take advantage. Part of the story, too, though, is a “semantic index” that will grab personal details when they’re needed and surface them across apps.

But when AI features need to go to the cloud, Apple says it will go to what it calls “Private Cloud,” and that data will never be stored on the servers, and Apple says it will never be able to access it. Independent experts will verify that Apple’s claims are true, it said.

Apple says that users will be able to speak to Siri much more naturally in iOS 18. The company also says that

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