Amazon’s latest Echo Show 5 and Show 8 are nearly matching their all-time lows

It feels like everywhere you look, there’s a Mother’s Day sale going on. Many of these promos are pretty meh, but Amazon’s latest sale on Echo devices is worth a look if you’re looking for some relatively inexpensive picks. Right now, for instance, Amazon is throwing in a free smart bulb when you buy the latest Echo Show 8 for $99.99 (about $63 off), which is just $10 shy of its all-time low. Best Buy and Amazon are also selling the display by itself for the same price, along with the third-gen Echo Show 5, which is on sale at Amazon and Best Buy for $64.99 ($25 off).

Like previous models, Amazon’s latest smart displays are versatile gadgets that can pass as digital photo frames, smart home controllers, and alarm clocks. The Show 8 is the better-sounding display, though, and offers a larger eight-inch screen that’s more apt for streaming and video calling. The latest model supports up to four widgets that make it a more useful touchscreen controller, too, allowing you to turn on the lights and play music with a quick tap of the screen. It’s also a Matter controller, a Zigbee hub, and a Thread border router all rolled into one, meaning it’s able to control nearly any device in your home.

That being said, the third-gen Echo Show 5 is still a great-sounding Alexa display if you don’t need those features. It makes for a much better bedside alarm clock given its smaller 5.5-inch display, yet it still packs much of the same functionality as Amazon’s larger models.

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