50+ best Black Friday deals worth shopping this weekend — with sales up to 80% off

Technically speaking, Black Friday 2023 starts in a week — but for those of us who can’t wait, many retailers have already started dropping tons of deals worth snagging now. Case in point: Amazon’s Black Friday sale officially kicked off on Friday, with many all-time low prices. (Be sure to check out our dedicated roundup of the best Amazon Black Friday deals.) Seeing as we’re being treated to an entire month of deals, it’s no wonder the term “Black November” is popping up more often. With that in mind, it can be difficult to identify the truly worthwhile discounts — and that’s what we’re here for. These are the deals we’re eying at the moment, and according to our trackers, many of them are on sale for their best prices yet. Grab some gifts for friends and family, but remember to treat yourself, too. Happy saving!

The best early Black Friday deals so far

70% off or more

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Sleek as a Dyson, minus the high price tag, this ultra-affordable vac just might make you enjoy cleaning your floors! At a mere 3 pounds, it’s super easy to take with you from room to room, and its 45 minutes of run time should be sufficient for sucking up dust, dirt and debris from the most sprawling abode. We love that it turns into a handheld vac for reaching higher surfaces, and the fact that it has a five-stage filtration system designed to capture 99.99% of particles floating around is the cherry on the sundae. This is among the lowest prices we’ve seen — a wild $350 off.

“Lightweight and powerful vacuum to pick up dog hair!” raved a content cleaner. “This vacuum cleaner is perfect for my dog hair needs … the battery indicator makes all the work super simple!”

$100 at Amazon

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Whether you want something to take out to the hot tub or to listen to in the shower, this’ll pack quite the water-resistant punch, especially for nearly 80% off.

$21 at Walmart

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Darth Vader has never looked this cute! Snag this wintery set for the Star Wars fan in your life — it’s down to just $14, the best price we’ve seen. 

$14 at Amazon

50% off or more

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Never have a dull moment in the kitchen again, thanks to this No. 1 bestselling knife sharpener. Equipped with three slots for sharpening, repairing, straightening and polishing, it’ll take your old blades from obsolete to like new in just a few swipes. Plus, it comes with a handy cut-resistant glove to spare you from painful nicks, and it happens to be 60% off!

“I’ve had my poor chef’s knife in a drawer and over the last year it’s gotten dull and has a small dent on the blade,” shared a satisfied shopper. “I just got this sharpener and used the three steps. And I gotta say, I’m impressed. I managed to cut through paper after doing the three-step sharpening. It’s like the knife is brand-new.”

$12 at Amazon

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The a.m. “grind” doesn’t have to be taken so literally, as in, having to grind your own coffee beans. Mornings are hectic enough as it is! With this compact Keurig, you’ll be able to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of joe, no filters or coffee grinders required. Simply fill the reservoir with water, pop in the K-Cup of your choice, select the size of your cup and — presto — java will appear in your mug in under a minute. True to its name, this slim model also won’t take up much counter space. We’ve yet to see this model dip below $50, and if you’re someone who enjoys a hot bev (or two) on a daily basis, it’ll pay for itself with all the time it’ll save you. We recommend snagging it while it’s 50% off!

$50 at Amazon

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‘Tis the season for frigid feet — unless you have this No. 1 bestselling space heater at the ready. Small, yet mighty, this toasty appliance can warm up to 200 square feet of space in mere seconds, has two heat levels and even doubles as a fan come summer! Get it for over 50% off (the lowest it’s been all year) by applying the on-page coupon. 

$28 at Amazon

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Take your Netflix or gaming binge to the next level with a bigger, better display — priced at more than a whopping $230 off.

$106 at Walmart

Best Black Friday deals on headphones and earbuds

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Ready to finally trade your fraying wired earbuds for a sleek pair of Apple AirPods? These second-gen top-sellers have hundreds of thousands of perfect ratings for a reason — well, multiple reasons: clear, rich sound quality, 24-hour battery life and the fact that you won’t find yourself tangled up in cords if you accidentally fall asleep with them in. Apple is one of those brands that doesn’t really need to have sales, since their products are so in-demand. That said, we’ll take $49 off when we can! 

“I’ve had a real problem with finding comfortable earbuds and for years have stuck to the one [pair of] corded earbuds that were comfortable and didn’t fall out,” wrote one Apple convert. “I thought it was finally time to try these as I transitioned to only having a cell phone. I was surprised at how comfortable they are. The sound quality is good, and the charge lasts a long time. I’m a believer!”

$80 at Amazon

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Wanna go Pro? This pair has two times more Active Noise Cancellation than its predecessors, and you’ll save 59 bucks. 

$190 at Amazon

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Aside from their fab price (over 40% off for Prime members!), we love the real-time power readout on the front of the case of these earbuds, making it so much easier than pulling out your phone and swiping to find out how much charge is left. The top number shows how much juice is in the case, while the two smaller indicators show readings for each bud. Pretty smart! But that’s not their only innovative feature: These buds have everything you’d expect in a quality pair. On-ear controls let you answer calls, skip songs and activate Siri. They also have multiple sound modes to pick from. Nearly 8,000 five-star fans can’t be wrong, right?

$18 at Amazon

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These cans feature the crisp and clear audio you’d expect from a premier brand like Sony. And thanks to their Dual Noise Sensor Technology, they block out nearly all background and ambient sound. Serenity now!

$118 at Amazon

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When you’re listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks, the jarring sound of your neighbor’s lawn mower can really ruin the experience. That’s where these headphones come in. They’re Walmart bestsellers for a reason. They not only block out distracting ambient sound, but they also improve audio quality by enhancing more subtle sounds to create a richer listening experience. Plus, they double as a Bluetooth device for answering calls through their built-in mic, and their lightweight design and memory foam padding won’t put undue pressure on your ears. Have we mentioned they’re over 70% off?

$28 at Walmart

Best Black Friday home deals

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Your head deserves to rest upon an ethereally plush cushion, so why not toss those flattened pillows you’ve been sleeping on and swap ’em with this lofty cooling pair? They’re breathable, moisture-wicking and on sale for75% off — at just $12 a pop, they’ve never been this cheap. 

“Best sleep in ages!” gushed a happy shopper. “I bought these pillows because I had neck surgery some time ago and now need to have pillows that aren’t flat. I’ve bought new pillows before, and while they are fluffy at first, they soon go flat! But my pillows from Cozsinoor haven’t and are just perfect — I am now getting the sleep I deserve!”

$28 at Amazon

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As the temps outside keep dropping, the best place in the world is curled up in a toasty, cozy space. Whether you’re planning for long afternoons camped out on the couch or snuggled in bed, this 50-by-60-inch electric blanket will swaddle you in warmth and comfort throughout the winter months (and potentially help you save big on your heating bill). It offers low-, medium- and high-temperature modes and is currently nearly $30 off. The reversible design features one fluffy flannel side and one that’s velvety smooth to the touch. “I absolutely love this heated blanket,” wrote a Walmart shopper. “It’s so soft and gets super warm and stays on for five hours. My cat and dogs love it too, so I bought two more for the living room for all to share.”

$40 at Walmart

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Not only will this trending candle warmer help extend the life of your candles, it’ll let you enjoy their gorgeous aromas without the use of flames. Really! It acts like a lamp of sorts, using top-down technology to melt candles more evenly, and since there’s no flame involved, you’ll be smelling the pure scent without any smoky overtones (or unsightly ashes!). Its built-in dimmer switch allows you to control the brightness to your liking — should you only want a subtle scent, you can keep it low. It can fit candles of practically any size, so go dust off your collection! You can’t put a price tag on safety, but at nearly 40% off, we’ll take it. 

“I bought one of these for my candles for the safety factor,” wrote one satisfied shopper. “Man, I had NO idea how much money this beauty would actually save me. My candles burn longer. … All the wax burns off, so there is no goop all over the insides or an inch of wasted wax after the wick burns out. … Loved it so much, I eagerly bought another for the downstairs. They literally fill the entire floor with scent and I am happy. … Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!”

$40 at Amazon

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This 4-in-1 medical-grade purifier offers coverage for spaces up to 600-square-feet. Make sure to apply code VEVAAP30 at checkout for the full deal. This is by far the best price we’ve seen for this air purifier — with the double discount it’s just $67, down from $150! It’s occasionally dipped down to around $83, so we highly recommend adding it to your cart while it’s 55% off. Plus, you can’t put a price on improving your home’s air quality! (Though we’ll take a discount whenever we can.)

“Don’t let the compactness of this unit fool you!” assured one happy buyer. “The Veva ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifier is absolutely the real deal. I noticed major air improvement in the back rooms of my home within only the second day of use.”

Save $83 with code

$67 at Amazon

Best Black Friday deals on tech and tablets

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If you’ve been curious to see what all the hype around Apple’s popular tablets is about, now’s your chance. This ninth-gen iPad has 64GB of memory storage capacity, along with a crisp Retina display, front and back cameras and Touch ID to ensure that your information stays secure. Use it for everything from checking your email to browsing the web, sharing photos and even sketching. (You’ll want an Apple Pencil for that last one.) Apple products fly off the shelves whether or not they’re on sale, so the fact that this tablet is currently $99 off is pretty exciting. We’ve only seen it dip lower during Prime Day. ‘Nuff said.

“I got this for my 93-year-old mom,” shared a generous gift-giver. “My elderly mom is not very tech-savvy, but she loves her iPad. It has become her gateway to the world. She relies on FaceTime calls, as she is near-deaf, and being able to see someone’s face really helps her understand them better. She uses it to watch her favorite shows and listen to her fave music. And she loves to play games on it. She is finding the Siri functions very helpful too.”

$230 at Amazon

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Tired of contending with a menagerie of remotes every time you want to watch TV? Stop the insanity with this Fire TV Stick — it can replace ’em all! You’ll be able to effortlessly switch between the news, sports, live TV and your favorite streaming platforms for easy access to millions of shows and movies, plus watch over 300,000 titles for free via the included apps. Want to use voice control to navigate? Yup, it’s got Alexa built in, too! This is the lowest price we’ve seen. 

$20 at Amazon

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This smart device streams shows, plays music, has a built-in camera so you can keep tabs on your home while you’re away … and is over 55% off, the lowest it’s been. 

$40 at Amazon

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This little orb does more than just play music — it also gives you access to Alexa, who you can ask about pretty much anything under the sun, and can be used as an alarm clock. Down to just $23, this is the best price we’re seeing on the internet. 

$23 at Amazon

Best Black Friday $25-and-under deals

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In case the idea of applying a snail secretion to your skin never crossed your mind, take it from thousands of Amazon shoppers — it’s effective! This serum has amassed a cult-like following thanks to its lightweight, refreshing feel and hydrating, rejuvenating effects. Snail mucin not only helps boost collagen and elastin for a firmer look and feel, but it can also gently exfoliate for a smoother texture while also soothing the skin. Reviewers reported noticing everything from a brighter complexion to a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark spots after using. Good skin care can cost a bundle these days, so to find such a highly rated product on sale for just $14 is a win in our book.

“At 60 years old, I have tried a lot of products for skin care,” shared one Cosrx convert. “I have not been more impressed with any product … it has a light scent, you don’t need to use a lot. My bottle is half gone after a few months. It has completely erased some old scars from some facial surgery. My skin is much more toned, and wrinkles are minimized!”

$14 at Amazon

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These wool dryer balls might not look like much at first glance, but there’s a reason they’re topsellers with tens of thousands of fans. Think of them as eco-friendly, reusable fabric softeners — just pop ’em into the dryer with your clothes and they’ll shorten the drying time while reducing wrinkles and softening without chemicals. They’re handmade in Nepal using 100% wool and make the best practical stocking stuffers — plus, you can score a six-pack for nearly 35% off.

$20 at Amazon

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Give your poor dogs a break this holiday season — when you’re cooking up a storm, the last thing you need is for your feet to cry out in exhaustion, but this anti-fatigue mat will provide them with a super cushy resting pad. Apply the on-page coupon for the lowest price we’ve seen. 

$23 at Amazon

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Nothing says cozy like a flannel throw blanket — unless that blanket also happens to have an impossibly fluffy fleece side, like this one does. It’s perfect for cuddling up with on the couch while reading a book or watching a movie, and it also makes the perfect gift. This is as cheap as we’ve seen it, and with Eddie Bauer you know you’re getting quality. It’s never been on sale for less than it is now!

$18 at Amazon


Best Black Friday TV deals

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — that’s a topselling 43-inch Fire TV for less than $200! But what it lacks in cost, it sure makes up for in features, like crystal clear 4K ultra HD visuals, DTS Studio Sound, Alexa voice control and access to over a million streaming movies and TV episodes.

“I underestimated this TV, as I am very picky with screen resolution!” wrote a verified viewer. “But when I turned it on, the picture was perfect! … The picture quality is superb … Can compete with my Samsung 4K TV. Happy with my purchase!”

$170 at Amazon

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All those summer blockbusters you missed? They’ll be coming to a streamer near you any day now, and you’ll want to be ready with a multiplex-worthy TV to get you through the dark days of winter. You won’t do better than this shiny 50-inch set from Vizio — and its $248 sale price is absurd. Its vibrant 4K picture quality will make it feel like you’re living out each scene in real-time. It also includes Dolby Vision HDR, which boasts incredible brightness. In addition to its crisp, clear display, this set comes with the brand’s SmartCast, which streams thousands of movies and shows. “Great product. I’ve always loved Vizio, and this TV most certainly did not disappoint! Amazing picture, works great with the soundbar, and gaming on it is insane,” reported a happy user.

$248 at Walmart

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Insignia’s 24-inch TV is a popular choice thanks to its 1,080-pixel resolution and Fire TV capabilities — you can stream more than a million shows and movies. And now, the TV’s already low price is even lower than before. The Alexa-equipped remote makes it easy to flip through channels using just your voice. We’ve yet to see it go on sale for less.

$90 at Amazon

Best Black Friday auto deals

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Car floor looking a little crumb-y? Then it’s this No. 1 bestselling car vacuum to the rescue! Weighing just 2.4 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver around your ride, whether you use it to zap up pet hair from the seats, fast-food remnants on the floor or the dust blanketing your dashboard. It comes with three attachments for targeting different types of spaces and messes, and its 16-foot cord means you’ll have no trouble reaching the trunk. This model even has a HEPA filter to help purify the air. Enter Yahoo’s exclusive code 20PETGIVING at checkout, and you’ll be able to snag this bad boy for a whopping 60% off!

“This is the best auto vacuum I have used,” wrote an impressed customer. “It gets the things that other vacuums have not, like the fine dust that collects on the dash and console. The attachments seem built for a car, as does the design and shape of this machine. Kudos to the design engineers. ThisWorx is well-named because it does.”

Save $24 with code

$16 at Amazon

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In the event that you realize your tires are starting to sag and there are no rest stops in sight, you’ll be so glad you had this tire inflator in the trunk. It fills them right up in seconds when plugged into your car’s 12V power outlet, and its 9.8-foot cord is long enough to let you reach all four tires without having to keep adjusting the position. It can also blow up things like air mattresses and inflatable boats. Prime members should grab it while it’s over 50% off with the on-page coupon!

Save $24 with Prime and coupon

$22 at Amazon

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Keep your eyes and hands on the road while having your phone close by, thanks to this No. 1 bestselling phone mount. It sticks right onto your dashboard or windshield (its strong suction was designed to withstand bumps and turns!) and even has a telescopic arm that lets you adjust the viewing angle. We’ve yet to see it dip lower than it is now. 

$12 at Amazon

Best Black Friday vacuum deals

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The Shark Navigator is super lightweight, so you can take it with you from room to room without it feeling like a workout session. And when you have to get into those hard-to-reach spaces like stairs, furniture and your car, the lift-away detachable pod will allow you to make them spick-and-span lickety-split. All that for over $100 off? Sounds like a mega deal to us. (This price is even better than Amazon’s!)

$97 at Walmart

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At over $200 off, this vacuum will have you sucking up the savings (and deeply ingrained debris) in no time.

$388 at Walmart

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This No. 1 bestselling, TikTok-famous compact carpet cleaner packs a punch, especially considering it weighs less than 10 pounds! Its powerful suction can be used to remove stains not just from rugs, but furniture and even car upholstery, too. Plus, it comes with a self-cleaning hose tool and a bottle of Bissell’s Spot & Stain with Febreeze. We haven’t seen this viral cleaner priced much lower than it currently is in years (it was only a few bucks cheaper back in July for Prime Day) — and when you consider how much money it’ll save you in professional cleaning bills (and replacement furniture), it’ll pay for itself in just a few uses.

$89 at Amazon

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Let someone else — or, something else — clean your floors for you, like this popular robovac that’s currently 60% off with the on-page coupon. It’ll save you time, effort and $180!

$120 at Amazon

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Enjoy a whopping 120-minute run time (and, coincidentally, $120 off) with this handy vacuum. It even syncs up to your phone and Alexa!

$129 at Walmart

Best Black Friday kitchen deals

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With its 6-quart capacity, this gorgeous air fryer can hold enough food for five to seven people, yet its small footprint won’t take up too much space on your counter. Its patent-pending TurboCrisp technology helps ensure quick, even cooking with that crunch factor we all crave (though you’ll be able to cook with as much as 75% less fat than deep-frying). The user-friendly touchscreen lights up while in use and features time and temperature settings (from 90-400 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as four functions: Air Fry, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate, the latter of which is a cool feature that isn’t always included with air fryers. Lowest price we’ve seen!

$69 at Walmart

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As sleek as your full-sized appliances, this versatile cooker air fries, bakes, broils, toasts and more. It’s roomy enough to fit a 4-pound chicken, six slices of bread or a 12-inch pizza, and will make your crispy-crunchy dreams a reality in no time. Don’t be surprised if you start using this more than your actual oven! This is the lowest price we’re seeing for this model on the web. 

$99 at Target

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You get so much with this kitchen system: A 72-ounce pitcher, 8-cup food processor and two 16-ounce single-serve cups you can take on the go. With a brand like Ninja, you know you’re getting a quality product, so the fact that this 2-in-1 blender/food processor combo is just $100 is pretty astounding. At 50% off, it’s the lowest price we’ve seen it for in years. Our advice? Add it to your cart, stat!

$100 at Amazon

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These dishcloths went viral on TikTok thanks to their super absorbent nature. They’ll save you a bundle on disposable paper towels, and you can score a pack of 10 for just $16 (one of their lowest prices of the year) using Yahoo’s exclusive code 10YAHOONOW.

Save $9 with code

$16 at Amazon

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Shoppers love how lightweight and powerful this handheld vac is, and you can score it for half off right now.

$20 at Walmart

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This countertop multitasker doubles as a toaster oven and rotisserie, with 12 preset cooking settings to enable you to conquer kitchen needs like toasting up to six slices of bread, roasting a turkey or vegetables, baking desserts or pizzas, and getting your jerky on with its dehydrator function. And that’s just for starters! In addition to the oven itself, you’ll also get a mesh crisper tray and a pizza rack. The drip tray will catch all the crumbs and drippings from your food, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, its digital control allows you to, as they say, “set it and forget it.” While it’s a great appliance to have to double your oven space, some shoppers said it works so well, it’s become their all-around go-to: “I have almost stopped using my oven,” wrote one. “This appliance does nearly everything. I have used it as a rotisserie, an air fryer, a regular oven, and I have even broiled some gorgeous steaks. It’s one of the most useful tools in the kitchen.”

$139 at Walmart

Best Black Friday beauty and wellness deals

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Want to get out the door on time in the morning? Meet your new best friend: This two-in-one straightening brush smooths hair while eliminating tangles, and reviewers say it takes way less time than using a flat iron. It also has six different heat settings to suit hair of all thicknesses and textures, and it’s lightweight enough to stash in your bag on trips. Prime members can get it for nearly $100 off using the on-page coupon!

“Best hair tool purchase I have ever made,” declared a fan. “I have long wavy hair, and if I don’t straighten it or curl it, it just looks wild and frizzy. This little gadget has cut down the time it takes me to do my hair in the morning to around 5-7 minutes. This is the only tool I take with me on trips, which is great because it is so lightweight. LOVE IT!”

Save $99 with Prime and coupon

$35 at Amazon

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Among this body oil’s many celeb fans is Kate Middleton herself. A royalty-approved skin-care product that’s down to $10? We’ll take it — it’s the lowest price we’re seeing online. 

$10 at Amazon

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Curious about your health background? With this DNA test kit you’ll get a fuller picture, and for an all-time low price!

$99 at Amazon

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A top-rated electric toothbrush for just $38? Um, yes, please! This is the among the lowest prices we’ve seen for this popular plaque-buster, and the fact that it comes with eight brush heads makes the deal even sweeter. It’s super powerful — as in, 40,000 vibrations per minute — and has four brushing modes, a timer and the ability to remove up to 10 times as much plaque as a manual model. 

$38 at Amazon

Best Black Friday clothing and fashion deals

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Finding a bra that’s comfortable, supportive, offers full coverage and doesn’t look like it was made during colonial times is a pretty impressive feat — but we think we’ve done it. This Playtex wireless bra has tens of thousands of perfect ratings, thanks to its cooling, moisture-wicking fabric, four-way wireless support (no painful digging!), Magic Ring construction for a natural lift and smoothing satin panels on the sides and back. With 14 lovely colors to choose from, it’s a really pretty undergarment too! A good bra is a worthy investment, and $13 is practically unheard-of these days. This one rarely goes on sale for less than its current price, and we’ve seen it priced for over $20 before. (Honestly, that’s still a good deal.)

“This bra says 18 hours and completely lives up to that promise,” raved a happy fan. “It fits perfectly when you measure for the proper fit; it is soft, not scratchy, and does not cut into my shoulders to provide support for my large chest. I am absolutely getting more!”

$13 at Amazon

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If your denim collection could use a refresh, these No. 1 bestselling jeans belong in your wardrobe. Not only are they flattering with their leg-lengthening high waist, but reviewers also say they’re super comfortable — and the tapered design will highlight your cute fall boots. Plus, they start at a ridiculous $10 (nearly 80% off!).

$10 at Amazon

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Your leggings have met their new best friend in this sweatshirt, which you can score now for just a tenner in a variety of sizes and eye-catching colors. Designed with a relaxed fit and a classic crew neck, this supersoft cotton-blend knit pullover has a high-low hem that’s perfect for covering what needs to be covered. There are also airy side vents for supreme comfort and ease, making it a great option to wear with jeans, leggings and joggers. “Best top!” raved one Walmart shopper. “Very comfortable. Fits to size. I bought every color. Love!” At this price, you can bring home every color!

$10 at Walmart

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Koolaburra by UGG

Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan of these boots from Ugg’s more affordable line, and this is the cheapest we’ve seen them. Wear ’em with jeans and leggings, or even PJs, since they make great house shoes. 

$55 at Amazon

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These studs — over 80 percent off! — take any look to the next level, with 18K white gold plating and practically blinding, tastefully sized Swarovski crystals.

$20 at Walmart

Best Black Friday toy deals

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Magnetic tiles are all the rage these days, and if you’re looking for a guaranteed winner of a holiday gift for the kid in your life, look no further than this set by Coodoo. It comes with 40 pieces in different shapes and colors that they can use to create buildings and structures to their heart’s content, making it just as educational as it is fun. Made of food-grade plastic, it’s perfect for kids around ages 3 and up, and you might just enjoy playing with it too. Prime members who apply the on-page coupon can get it for just $20, the lowest price we’ve seen!

“The magnetic tiles are a perfect toy for the industrious and busy toddler!” exclaimed a happy grandparent. “They are super sturdy and make building by little hands an easy success. Our 2 1/2-year-old grandson will spend an hour at a time building and enjoying imaginary play with these colorful tiles.”

Save $15 with Prime and coupon

$20 at Amazon

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With 1,500 pieces in tons of bright, eye-catching colors, this creative building set allows for open-ended imagining, from guided building for fun models like a rocket and an octopus to the option of creating just about anything under the sun. This is a great set to have for imaginative building and as a supplemental piece for additions to other Lego favorites. “My grandson LOVED this,” shared one savvy gifter. “I loved the fact that he was so surprised! It was much larger than I thought! He was so excited!!”

$30 at Walmart

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Shopping Strategies for Black Friday

The 2022 Black Friday shopping weekend was the “biggest ever” for major retailers “with customers around the world purchasing hundreds of millions of products between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday,” Maryland-based e-commerce expert Phil Masiello, told Yahoo Life. And this year, Black Friday is expected to break even more records. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do your research: Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, advises to make a list of items that you’re interested in buying, then note their current prices at the retailers you like to shop. That way, you’ll be able to spot a great Black Friday deal as soon as you see it. “The most important thing is to know exactly what you want. What specs you want in a TV or laptop and which headphones you want,” says Kristin McGrath, shopping expert with RetailMeNot. “Consumers shouldn’t assume that just because a product is discounted it’s the best price out there. I recommend checking for the product on one to two other retailers to compare the regular price with a potential ‘sale’ price to ensure you’re actually getting the best deal,” echoes Kristen Gall, retail and shopping expert for Rakuten.

  • Stay on top of the ads: Pay attention as Black Friday ads come out, says Ramhold. “It may be helpful to follow your favorite retailers on social media and sign up for their email newsletters as well, since they may announce the ad release that way as well as other important details, like when the sales will begin.” Gall calls the ads “your Black Friday road map for deals.”

  • Check out holiday price guarantees: Have a few favorite retailers? “Check to see if they’re offering any kind of price match or guarantee for Black Friday,” advises Ramhold. The idea is that you’ll know if you can request your preferred retailer match the price of a competitor during a Black Friday event, or if you’ll have to shop the competitor instead. “And if there’s a price guarantee in place, it’s good to know that if you buy something early on and it later drops in price, you’ll be able to receive a price adjustment for the difference.”

  • Try to get cash back: “In addition to doing a price comparison, you can ensure you are getting the absolute best price by stacking deals to maximize savings,” says Gall. “Cash-back services like Rakuten allow you to earn cash back on top of sale prices. For extra savings, plan to apply promo codes or digital coupons, and use a rewards credit card to extra earn points or cash back.”

Black Friday

The payoff for all your hard work will come when you see how much you save on your purchases. (simpson33 via Getty Images)

The best Black Friday 2023 deals to look out for

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Gall believes that retailers’ overstock categories will be the biggest predictor of Black Friday gold. That includes “home goods, gardening and furniture that they may have not gotten rid of during Labor Day weekend sales,” she says.

But she notes that Black Friday will also focus on “bigger ticket items, such as tech, including laptops, TVs and more.” And that seems to be the general consensus: McGrath, Masiello and Ramhold agree that sales on personal tech items will be the bread and butter of Black Friday 2023. Here are some of the favorites in this race:

  • Laptops: Ramhold calls these “one of the quintessential Black Friday items” and says to “watch for prices to drop as low as $90 for things like simple Chromebooks while laptops, in general, could be priced as low as $229 or see discounts up to $800 off.”

  • Smartphones: Ramhold predicts major retailers will offer the latest Android smartphones and iPhones bundled with gift cards worth hundreds, “which can be used on later purchases and boost the value of these deals.”

  • TVs: McGrath says to look to the major retailers and study their Black Friday ads so you can pounce on the TV you want before it’s gone. “Stock sells out quickly on the best-priced sets, and there are always a few headline-making deals that get a ton of hype and sell out in minutes,” she says. “Zero in on the 4K TV you want, have some backups and get ready to shop as soon as the Black Friday sale kicks off.”

  • Cameras: Expect deals on everything from Instax cameras to DSLRs, says Ramhold.

  • Apple products: Look out for great deals on AirPods, especially AirPods Pro, which are “still immensely popular, and retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy will likely offer the lowest price of the year,” says McGrath. She also recommends getting ready to pounce on a new Apple Watch Series 9.

  • Toys: Historically, the best toy sales happen in December, says Ramhold, but “Black Friday toy deals should be pretty big.” She says to expect up to 85% off at major stores.

  • Kitchen appliances: McGrath says KitchenAid mixers are the products to watch. These are expensive, and Black Friday deals knock the price down to almost affordable for many shoppers. But last year we saw deals on KitchenAid stand mixers sell out quickly, so be ready to jump on a good deal if you see it.

What to expect from your favorite retailers this Black Friday

As always, retailers will be competing with each other for your business this Black Friday. While there’s much overlap, certain retailers specialize in certain kinds of products.

“Check out Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy for tech. Wayfair and Overstock always offer incredible home goods deals,” says McGrath as a general rule of thumb.

”Gap, Old Navy and Target lead the pack when it comes to clothing deals. Walmart is always strong on Black Friday in the toy department. Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t do as splashy sales as some of the big-box contenders, but they have great values on Black Friday for big-ticket home items, smart home devices, home security bundles, grills, tool sets, power tools and even ladders,” McGrath says. “They’re also some of the best sources of appliance package deals. And do not forget about Kohl’s, which often offers extra Kohl’s Cash with purchase. Oftentimes they’ll have the same price as a competitor on things like small appliances and smartwatches, but also throw in some Kohl’s Cash to make the deal sweeter.”

Got all that? Great! Here’s a Black Friday breakdown by retailer.

Expect incredible deals from some of Black Friday's usual suspects.

Expect incredible deals from some of Black Friday’s usual suspects. (Amazon)

  • Amazon: October and early November sales, like Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days, “tend to be dress rehearsals for Black Friday,” says McGrath. So expect some truly compelling deals on TVs and laptops as well as Amazon-owned tech, such as the Echo Dot and Fire Stick. “Amazon will likely discount things like Instant Pots up to 35% off. Watch for special promotions to drop the cost of Audible Premium Plus by 60% for three months, or for Amazon to offer a $5 coupon off print book purchases of $20,” adds Ramhold, who notes the importance of a Prime membership this Black Friday. “Prime members have the advantage, as their membership can provide early access to select Lightning Deals,” she says. “These are difficult to grab as the very best ones sell out in an instant, so Prime members having an extra window of opportunity to shop is invaluable.” If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get access to new movies, free shipping and two-day shipping on many items. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here.

  • Walmart: “At Walmart, you can find major discounts on items across a wide variety of categories — however, the biggest deals are in tech and home goods,” says Gall, who adds, “Walmart is currently hosting a large fall sale that is continuing into the holiday season.” Ramhold says to look for toys too, like “Nerf starting at $3, Lego starting at $7 and board games for as little as $5.”

  • Kohl’s: “Kohl’s will take up to 50% off small appliances,” Ramhold says. “Kohl’s is especially good for clothing and shoes around this time of year, but it’s going to be particularly beneficial to those who shop the store regularly and are familiar with Kohl’s Cash, as that is often the element that makes some of the deals so notable.”

  • Best Buy: The retailer will likely offer huge discounts on technology products such as Apple MacBook Airs, Android phones, and Samsung TVs, says Gall. Ramhold says to expect “big discounts on iPads, with new models dropping to $279 or less while iPad Pros could be as low as $770.” You can add 4K TVs and AirPods to that list too.

  • Macy’s: At this legendary department store, you can expect Black Friday deals on “a little bit of all kinds of things, from toys to dinnerware to clothing to bedding and more,” says Ramhold. “But its standout offers usually revolve around home items and small kitchen appliances, thanks to rebates on the latter that usually make them especially affordable.” Gall adds, “Shoppers can expect incredible savings for Black Friday, from KitchenAid appliances and cookware to bedding and bath essentials to furniture.”

  • Target: “Target is great for shopping both Black Friday and Cyber Monday,” especially for Target super fans, says Ramhold. “RedCard members will get extra benefits in the form of 5% back and free two-day shipping on tons of items as well, on top of Target’s already affordable prices. This one is going to be best for toy deals, as we expect to see huge discounts (up to 85% off) as well as BOGO promotions to sweeten the deals.”

  • Lowe’s and Home Depot: Looking for deals on tools? Black Friday could be your day. Ramhold says Home Depot could take up to 50% off tools, while Lowe’s could discount specific brands like Craftsman and offer gift cards with select purchase amounts. “Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t do as splashy sales as some of the big-box contenders, but they have great values on Black Friday for big-ticket home items, smart home devices, home security bundles, grills, tool sets, power tools and even ladders. They’re also some of the best sources of appliance package deals,” says McGrath.

Ultimately, it’s best to think about what deals you want to score and focus on those categories, Masiello says. “Knowledge is power when it comes to navigating Black Friday sales,” he says.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Black Friday 2023?

Officially, Black Friday 2023 starts on Friday, November 24th, but many retailers – including Amazon — have launched their Black Friday sales already. Because of this, many people are starting to refer to the entire month as “Black November.”

What time do retailers open their stores on Black Friday? (list all major retailers and their store operating hours day of BF)

  • Target: Opens at 6 am local time

  • Walmart: Opens at 6 am local time

  • Kohl’s: Opens at 5 am local time

  • Best Buy: Opens as early as 5 am local time

  • Home Depot: Opens at 6 am local time

  • Macy’s: Opens at 6 am local time

  • Lowe’s: Opens at 6 am local time

What retailers are doing Black Friday sales both online and in store?

Most retailers with brick and mortar stores will be offering Black Friday sales both online and in store, including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and more.

Are Black Friday deals the same online as they are in stores?

You’ll be able to find the same deals online and in store at most retailers, though it’s always wise to check the retailer’s website first, in case it’s a web-exclusive deal. Many times, retailers will match their online prices in store if they’re cheaper, so it’s always worth asking.

How long does Amazon’s Black Friday sale last?

Amazon Black Friday officially kicked off on Friday, November 17th and continues through Monday, November 27th (also known as Cyber Monday).

Are deals cheaper on Black Friday?

You can expect to find many all-time low prices on Black Friday and throughout the weekend into Cyber Monday. Our Yahoo Life shopping experts are constantly tracking prices to find you the best deals, and we’ll be updating our Black Friday content around the clock.

Your Black Friday Shopping Guide: See all of Yahoo’s Black Friday coverage, here. Follow Engadget for Black Friday tech deals. Learn about Black Friday trends on In The Know. Hear from Autoblog’s experts on the best Black Friday deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Black Friday sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.

How we find and select deals: Our deal-hunting team of award-winning writers and editors are seasoned experts in their fields (tech, style, home, beauty), many with 20+ years’ experience. This team works diligently to bring you the best sales, deals and, price drops. Our unbiased experts maintain strict editorial integrity: We only bring you deals that we really think believe will save you money. Here’s more on how we select deals for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday coverage.

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