4 Money-Savers a Seller’s House Should Offer for Optimal Appeal

Money always matters for homebuyers, and never more so than these days, with inflation, soaring mortgage rates and tight inventory. Many buyer hopefuls have had to postpone their quest for the American Dream until the numbers work better. Those willing and able to buy now very likely have needs that must be met before they will consider a property, mainly meaning not having to spend money after the closing. Here are four things your seller clients should try to offer. 

Move-in readiness

A plug-and-play home is always desirable, but for many new buyers it’s a deal breaker if repairs or renovations are needed. Being ‘house poor’, meaning having spent most or all of their savings on the down payment, is palatable if nothing else major needs addressing. So sellers should strive to be able to present homes that are good to go.

Flexible space

While the pandemic and having to shelter in place are pretty much over, the desire for flexible space for a home office or gym has not abated. Sellers with unfinished basements or underutilized rooms should strive to present them in the best light possible, optimally by having them uncluttered so people can visualize what they want.

Energy efficiency

Dovetailing with the theme, new homeowners with shallow pockets want easy-to-manage energy bills. So energy-efficient HVAC systems, programmable thermostats and zoning systems will lure eco-conscious, tech-savvy buyers. Having newer furnaces and oil/gas tanks that won’t need replacing soon is also a big plus.

Upgraded plumbing features

These can make a big difference with a little owner investment. Modern faucets and new showerheads improve functionality and also look good. Kitchens and bathrooms are inspected very closely by prospective buyers. High-end sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets can make the whole house seem undated even if it has not been.

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