3 altcoins flying under the radar: Lido DAO, RebelSatoshi, and Cosmos surging

  • Lido DAO’s dominance could drive LDO beyond $2.85 ark by mid-November. 
  • ATOM could surge to $10.81 by the end of November.
  • RBLZ presale launches at $0.01 per token with a projected 30% return expected in the short term.

In November, Lido DAO’s resurgence, Cosmos’s potential to rally, and Rebel Satoshi’s unique approach to wealth democratization have piqued the interest of experts and investors.

Learn why these altcoins are worth watching.

Lido DAO leads liquid staking

Lido DAO remains dominant in the liquid staking sector, commanding an 84.4% market share of staked assets. 

While LDO, similar to other leading altcoins, remains under pressure, recent developments hint at a potential reversal.

On Oct. 12, Coinbase disbursed 20 million LDO, equivalent to $30.8 million, sourced from Lido Finance. This event ignited activity in Lido DAO, propelling LDO’s price from $1.49 on Oct. 12 to $1.65 by Oct. 16.

The surge in trading activity explains why experts are bullish. Many anticipate LDO to surge past $2.85 by mid-November. 

Still, Lido DAO analysts urge caution. Per their analysis, LDO might decline to $1.10 by December, based on technical indicators such as the weekly RSI and MACD.

ATOM poised for gains

Cosmos’ ATOM traded between $6.28 and $7.58 in early to mid-September. 

On Oct. 30, this range was convincingly breached to the upside, with ATOM adding 10% in 24 hours, driving prices to $8.11. This bullish breakout mirrors the increasing demand and interest in leading decentralized finance (defi) coins.

A rebound from the $7.58 support level might trigger more demand for ATOM, pushing prices toward the pivotal resistance at $10.81 by the close of November. However, further gains depend on ATOM overcoming the intermediate barrier at $8.42.

Meanwhile, the Cosmos community remains bearish due to the absence of any partnerships announced by the Cosmos team since July. 

This lack of announcements is impacting ATOM’s price prediction. Experts say if the Cosmos team fails to secure more partners by December, ATOM may decline to $5.50.

Experts bullish on RebelSatoshi 

When the Bitcoin whitepaper was written in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto desired to address the shortcomings of the traditional financial system and provide a decentralized and censorship-resistant means of transferring value. Fifteen years later, RebelSatoshi is rising, aiming to fulfill Nakamoto’s mandate. 

RebelSatoshi is a community-driven meme token initiative dedicated to uplifting its community and leveling the financial playing field for millions. It embodies a rebellion that seeks to unite and awaken the often-overlooked majority, shedding light on the concentration of wealth while empowering them to create prosperity.

Recognizing the pivotal role of security in a system focused on empowering the masses, RebelSatoshi has undergone rigorous security audits conducted by esteemed web3 security firms like SourceHat, formerly known as Solidity Finance.

At the core of the ecosystem lies RBLZ. Operating as an ERC-20 token, RBLZ symbolizes empowerment for the underserved, spotlighting their collective strength in pursuing justice and joy. 

Beyond being a token, RBLZ provides access to quests, staking rewards, and membership in a vibrant community that champions the spirit of rebellion.

RebelSatoshi is currently in the Early Bird Round of the RBLZ token presale, offering tokens at $0.01 each, with a limited supply of only 250 million. 

Anticipating strong demand and recognition of its potential, experts expect RBLZ to surge to $0.013 in the next round, possibly yielding a 30% return on investment (ROI) for Early Bird Round participants. 

For the latest updates and information, visit the official Rebel Satoshi presale website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

Please note that the Discord and Telegram communities are only for Recusants and RBLZ holders. 

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